Fitness Water Bottles

Keep hydrated at the gym or on the go with fitness water bottles. Yours can even make up part of your workout if you opt for a dumbbell-shaped water bottle.


If you're going to be feeling the burn down at the gym then you're going to need lots of water to keep you hydrated. However, you do need to factor in the activities that you'll be doing too. For instance, most exercise machines will have a drinks holder but these won't fit larger bottles such as anything over 0.75 litres.

If you're in the gym, you'll be able to top your bottle up as and when, but if you're out and about and doing sports on the field, it's best to keep a large capacity bottle on the sidelines.

Types and Shapes

Standard water bottles usually have a capacity of between 500 and 750ml and usually have a notched lid that is easy to drink out of while you train. Depending on your activity, a different style may be better for you.

If you're out for a power walk or a run, you'll want to take something that's easy to carry. Check out water bottles that are ergonomically designed to be easy to hold and carry.

If you're on the go or carrying your sports gear to work with you before you work out, you'll want to make sure that your bottle is leak proof so look out for lockable lids and durable materials. There are also bottles with flip top lids, straws and cap lids.

If you want to keep hydrated but aren't a fan of plain old water, try an infusion bottle, which has a slot to put fruits in that will infuse into your water.


Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose unbranded bottles, classic sports brands such as Nike or Adidas, or newer fitness brands such as Pro Elite.