Tracking Your Health With Fitbit One

Fitbit One is an activity tracker that you can have on your person all day and throughout the night. Use this device to collect and analyze data about your health and learn from it with the provided tools to make better lifestyle choices. Select a Fitbit One from this collection that is fashionable and comfortable to wear for you.

Which types of data can the Fitbit One collect?

The Fitbit One is a palm-sized device with an OLED display. A built-in clock mechanism indicates the date and time of day. The clock can also function as a stopwatch and countdown timer, and you can set multiple persistent and temporary alarms. Alarms are audible, or you can set them to vibrate. These devices can track a wide range of information related to your health, including:

  • Active minutes - Track your activity level on a daily basis and analyze it over weeks and months.
  • Calories burned - Monitor the calories your burn as well as the steps you take and the floors you climb.
  • Calories consumed - Input what you eat, and the Fitbit One will track your calories consumed automatically.
  • Workouts - Plan your workouts with an exercise calendar, and track workouts, trends, and goals.
  • Sleep quality - Observe sleep cycles to know how well you sleep on a particular night and in general.
What carrying and holstering options are available?

The Fitbit One is a versatile device that features an integrated clip and comes with a band. The manufacturer describes the ideal usage scenario as being as close to your torso as possible. You at least want to have it touching your person. Therefore, you can:

  • Hold it in your hand.
  • Clip it to a belt, pocket, or bra.
  • Place it in a pocket or your sock.
  • Wear it on your wrist like a watch.
  • Wear it around your ankle.
Is additional equipment need to access the data?

Most data can be accessed directly via the OLED display. The product does feature an integrated Bluetooth adapter so that you can synchronize wirelessly with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. A USB Bluetooth dongle is provided for use with computers. The Fitbit software is available for Windows and Mac OS, and there are Android and iOS apps as well.

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