Fishing Tackle Boxes & Bags

Tackle boxes and bags are key pieces of gear for a fisherman. They provide storage and organization for everything that you might need when going fishing, such as monofilament fishing line, sinkers, flies, lures, and reels. Most tackle boxes and bags offer helpful features such as separated compartments, lids, and variable storage slots for each type of tackle or gear in the container.

What is a fishing tackle box?

A fishing tackle box is a system of storage trays with or without lids for storing your lures. They offer a cantilevered top that allows you to remove a tray, close the lid of the tray, and carry it along with your bait to your rod. This allows you to take only what you need to your small boat or the fishing dock and leave the majority of your lures, reels, and other gear in the main fishing tackle box back at your vehicle or camp. The fishing tackle box offers a way to organize all of the accessories needed for bait, such as hooks. A tackle box also has space for the lures to bait the fish and sinkers for the bait. Most tackle boxes feature an angled entry for the trays for ease of insertion and removal.

What are the types of tackle boxes for fishing?
  • Backpack - This style of tackle box is usually made from heavy-duty cotton canvas or duck cloth. It has two straps, which are often made of woven nylon for strength and durability. It keeps your hands free for carrying bait.
  • Waist pack - A waist pack style of fishing tackle box is worn around the waist and under your fishing vest. It has a zipper for accessing the fishing tackle.
  • Tackle bag - A tackle bag looks like a soft-sided lunch cooler. It is often insulated and made of water-resistant fabric.
  • Utility or reel box - These tackle boxes look like a small toolbox.
What are features of a tackle box or fishing bag?
  • Water-resistant or waterproof - Fishing tackle boxes are designed with a water-resistant exterior or a waterproof finish that repels water and stops it form penetrating into the lures and storage gear.
  • Carrying handles - Carrying straps allow you to wear the fishing tackle box on your shoulders or as a backpack while walking between the dock, boat, and your vehicle. Handles with an ergonomic design also facilitate carrying your tackle box.
  • Soft-sided or hard-sided - A soft-sided tackle box is comfortable to wear against your body. A hard-sided tackle box can handle rough environmental conditions.
  • Freshwater or saltwater - A freshwater tackle box has ample room for fly fishing. These fishing tackle boxes are often designed with removable parts or to be worn on the body. A saltwater fishing tackle box is resistant to corrosion from the salt in the water. They often have a hard case.