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Figure Out Which Fishing Rod and Reel Combos are Right for You

Whether you’re casting from the shore or planning an adventure-fishing vacation, your gear matters. Fishing rod combos are designed for specific types of angling, from ice fishing to fly fishing. By choosing the sturdy fishing rod and reel that are right for your favorite type of casting, you can boost your chances of bringing in a good catch.

Types of fishing rod and reel combos

Some of the types of affordable fishing rods and reels are:

  • Spinning: This type of rod and reel set is designed for easy casting and versatile fishing. Spinning combos use a fixed spool; this means that line moves easily, so you can cast quickly and send your lure farther.
  • Fly fishing: Fly fishing combos come with single-action or multi-action reel that allows you to control the drag and the amount of line that’s reeled in. The rods are specially designed with super-flexible materials, so they can manage thick fly-fishing line and lightweight flies.
  • Ice fishing: Ice-fishing combos are shorter and smaller than other types of rods and reels; this enables you to sit close to the hole in the ice. Usually, the materials are lightweight but strong, so you can apply leverage to reel in a fish. The reel is designed to create a smooth motion in cold water. These combos might come with spinning or free-fall reels.
Choosing used fishing rods and reels on eBay

Used fishing rods and reels that you find on eBay can come with a cost savings. You might decide to buy used as a way to try out a different type of cheap fishing rod combo; this is also a cost-effective way to get to know a new brand. When a brand stops making a specific rod or reel combo, a used product might be the only way to get your hands on it. Before buying used fishing rods and reels, check the photos thoroughly to make sure that each component is in good condition.

What brands make fishing rod combos?

Some of the brands that make fishing rods and reels that you'll find on eBay are:

  • Zebco: Zebco makes rod and reel combos for a variety of fishing types, including spinning, triggerpsin, spincast, baitcasting, fly-fishing, and more.
  • Shakespeare: This brand specializes in affordable rod and reel combos for spinning, baitcasting, and fly fishing, among others.:
  • Daiwa: This company manufactures fishing combos for most types of fishing. It also offers specialized products for saltwater fishing, round casting, mooching, and power-assist casting.
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