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Nothing sounds more idyllic to some than a day spent out on a lake in a boat, casting a line and hoping the fish will bite. Fishing is an activity that – for many – is almost a rite of passage, one that they enjoy doing with parents or grandparents on a cool fall day or a balmy summer afternoon. There are so many different styles of fishing that appeal to different people, but regardless of your preferred style, you can’t fish without the proper fishing bait—or the proper fishing lures and flies, for that matter.

Defining Baits, Lures, and Flies

Not everyone’s familiar with fishing terminology, so to clear things up, baits, lures, and fishing flies aren’t necessarily the same thing. Fishing bait is anything that is used to try to attract fish to an angler’s line, and this can include the traditional worms and insects, in addition to more modern forms like plastic and electronic bait. In many ways, “bait” is the catchall term, while lure and flies refer to specific types of bait. Fish lures are artificial bait that use things like movement and color to grab a fish’s attention, while fishing flies are used for fly fishing baits and are made by anglers using artificial materials to mimic the food sources of various species of fish.

Baiting the Hook

With fishing baits, lures, and flies being tailored to certain styles of fishing, your first consideration about which bait to use should be to determine what your primary style of fishing is likely to be. For those planning to frequent saltwater bodies of water, freshwater lures from brands like Rapala, Shimano, or Strike King represent great choices. For those anglers who are a bit more low-key and prefer freshwater rivers and lakes, freshwater lures that help you to target bass, crappie, or salmon might be your best bet. Still other anglers enjoy the process of fabricating their own flies for some relaxing fly fishing, and they can find all the items needed to make unique flies, like feathers, hooks, and body, wing, and tail materials.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

In addition to there being types of flies for specific styles of fishing, you can also find several items that can help to make your next trip to the lake a successful one. For instance, you can find solid or hollow-body crankbaits, spinners and spinnerbaits for freshwater, saltwater, and even ice fishing, and fishing spoons to help you haul in a catch in a large area.

Casting Your Line

While spending the day out on the water waiting for fish takes a special kind of patience, there’s no better way to spend a weekend for many. Fishing can be an enjoyable way to spend time with family and friends, but adding a big catch to enjoy for dinner to the good company is even better. Ensuring that you have the proper bait for your style of fishing can put you even closer to making your next fishing outing a successful one.

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