Since its founding in 1930, the toy company Fisher-Price has manufactured toys and gear for babies and kids. You can find musical toys, educational toys, role playing toys, building sets, dolls, and sports toys from Fisher-Price that suit ages ranging from 0 months to 7 years old.

What are the age ranges offered at Fisher-Price?

Fisher-Price breaks up their baby toys, baby gear, kids' toys, and kids' gear into several categories filtered by age. These sections begin with birth to five months of age, increasing by months and years until reaching toys for ages 6 and 7. Other toys, especially those for licensed properties, could also be appealing to older kids, too. There is even certain merchandise for expecting parents who have not yet had their child.

What are some licensed toys Fisher-Price makes?

Fisher-Price makes and has made merchandise for many different children's film and television programs over the years. Some of these include Spongebob Squarepants, Rugrats, Bob the Builder, and LazyTown. They also provide merchandise for younger children, featuring characters and scenes from series like Sailor Moon, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Additionally, one of their character families is Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, which has been wholly owned by parent company Mattel since 2009.

What toy licenses has Fisher-Price owned?

In addition to their licensed toys, Fisher-Price has a large collection of brands it makes itself and not as licensed media for other companies or franchises. In addition to the aforementioned Thomas & Friends, they also own and manufacture toys in the Mega franchise, such as their Mega Bloks product, and Fisher-Price Little People sets. They are also the creators of kid-friendly vehicles under the Power Wheels brand.

Does Fisher-Price develop video games?

Since the 1980s, Fisher-Price has had a history of making educational video games in addition to their toys. Some of these games include the Ready for School series, which focuses on helping children prepare to go to school, starting from toddler age all the way up to first grade. They also make Fisher Price ABC's and Fisher Price 123's about the alphabet and numbers, respectively. They have several sing-along and adventure games, too.

Does Fisher-Price make any Disney toys?

Yes, Fisher-Price has made many licensed toys for Disney. These include dolls and playsets from the Mickey Mouse character family, Toy Story, Octonauts, Handy Manny, and much more. They also make certain products for the channel ESPN, which is a subsidiary of Disney.

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