Choosing Fine China for Your Home from Japan

China, as the name implies, is a special kind of material that originated in the Far East. It is a material prepared by burning and melting quartz, feldspar, kaolin, and clay. It is a fine and delicate material that makes for beautiful dishware and kitchen utilities, and china from Japan is often used in decorative sets for the kitchen.

Can you find used fine china made in Japan?

Japan is one of the biggest producers of fine china and manufactures china with beautiful and intrinsic decorations. There are contemporary pieces created with this material, but on eBay, you can find preserved fine china from Japan. One of the most sought-after aspects of vintage china from Japan is the fine decorations typical to Japanese art that was created in the past.

Types of products made from china

Affordable Japanese fine china is used to create objects for the home that are used both as decoration and as part of the kitchen utilities. You can find the following types of fine china on eBay:

  • Dinnerware sets
  • Dinner plates
  • Tea cup and saucer
  • Tea cups
  • Saucer
  • Bread plate
  • Serving bowls
  • Soup bowls
  • Vases
  • Sugar bowls
  • Decorative plates

Patterns of china from Japan dishes

Some of the affordable new or used china from Japan is created free of decoration. For the most part, however, all the sets and individual pieces have decorations. You can select from the following patterns:

  • Diane: A pattern of delicate flowers and leaves that is drawn just around the dish or cup in a circular manner.
  • Golden Rose: Roses are a classic decoration for fine china. The golden rose decoration can include golden roses, golden trims to the edges of the product, or gold elements. The elements of the golden rose decorations can be inspired by the baroque, Elizabethan, or Georgian time periods.
  • Platinum wheat: Just like flowers, wheat strands are popular motifs in Japanese china. They can be made with very light colors or with a product that has a platinum shine to it.
  • Royal Rose: These consist of classical rose decorations that are usually made on cups and tea sets.
  • Royal swirl: This is a very stamp pattern that includes a rose encircled by a swirl of light-colored bands to create a classical and subtle decoration. The styles that these patterns include are Victorian and Mid-Century contemporary patterns.
  • Vintage: Vintage patterns that can include any of the mentioned decorations. They are stylish and can serve a decorative purpose even if they are not used. Art Deco elements, as well as victorial decorations, are used for their creation.