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Fiction and Literature Books

There's a deeper truth found in the worlds of fiction and literature that transcends the mere facts. Fiction isn't about the facts of events, but rather about the emotional truths that come from being human. The best novels teach the reader things about themselves that they could never have learned from personal experience.

Collect the Classics of Literature

Literature has been around almost as long as language has. The plays of Aeschylus and Aristophanes are thousands of years old, and even those of Shakespeare are over four hundred. Antiquarian books not only look impressive on your bookshelf, but they let you see literature the way it was meant to be seen. They also make great collectibles, often growing in value over the years.

Horror's One True King

Few names conjure a sense of horror on the page quite like Stephen King. Maine's prodigal son is one of the best known authors of the last half-century having written such bestsellers as "The Stand," "It," and "Salem's Lot." Known best for horror, King has the ability to capture an era of small town America like no author before or since. With King you can read the stories behind such movies as "Stand by Me," and even "The Shawshank Redemption."

It's Just a Matter of Genre

From romance to fantasy, and mystery to science fiction, fiction comes in a wide variety of genres. The beauty of reading genre fiction is that you always know what you're going to get. Every category romance has a happy ever after ending; that's the defining feature of the genre. Every mystery can be figured out through logical reasoning. It's all about finding the right story.

Find the Right Format

Fiction and Literature books come in three major formats: hardcover, trade paperback, and mass market paperback. Hardcovers are the largest, traditionally sewn together and built to last. Trade paperbacks are almost the size of hardcovers, and provide a balance between the bulk of a hardcover and the portability of a mass market paperback. Mass market paperbacks are the smallest of the three formats, designed to provide portable and often disposable fiction.

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