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Scion xB Fenders

When you discover that your Toyota Scion xB has a bent fender, you will need to replace it so that your car is properly protected. Before you can change the part, however, you will need to find a replacement fender that suits your needs. When choosing a fender, you can use this guide to help you find what you are looking for.

What are the benefits of an OEM fender?

OEM means "Original Equipment Manufacturer." Fenders that have the OEM label on them were made by the company that manufactured the original part for your xB. There are many benefits for choosing an OEM fender, including:

  • Vehicle specifications: OEM fenders are designed with your specific Scion xB's specifications. This means that they will be compatible with your Scion without any modifications needed.
  • Easy replacement: OEM fenders are bolted onto your Scion xB. Because you are replacing a fender with another OEM fender, it will be quick and easy to install the part.
  • Same materials: OEM fenders designed specifically for your xB will be made from the same materials, offering the same amount of protection as the original parts.
  • Safety standards: All Scion manufacturers must meet specific safety standards. OEM fenders must also meet the safety standards in order to be installed on the car.
What are some different fender flares?

When looking for fender flares for your vehicle, you will find four different styles that may add the protection or design appeal you desire. These fender flares include:

  • Smooth fender flares: These fenders work for cars that have oversized tires as they add additional coverage that the original flares may not have provided.
  • Pocket flares: These give your car a more rugged, modified look while adding more protection from debris.
  • Factory style: These aftermarket parts add additional coverage while maintaining the original look of the Scion xB. They accomplish this by wrapping underneath the vehicle.
  • Rugged or riveted: These styles of fender flares add extra coverage for larger wheels. They both have textured finishes that give your vehicle a more rugged look.
What fender options should you consider?

There are several things you should consider when you are thinking about replacing your fenders, including:

  • OEM or aftermarket: In some cases, you may want to replace your fender with an OEM part. However, if you want to change the look of your Scion or add additional protection, you may want to choose an aftermarket part.
  • Flares or skirts: These fender additions can add additional protection or improve your fuel efficiency. They can also change the appearance of your Scion by making it look more rugged.
  • Materials: Depending on your driving habits, you may want to choose a fender material that can handle rough driving.