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Nissan Altima Fenders

If your fender has been damaged for any reason, such as a minor accident, then it's important to get it replaced as soon as possible. Fenders play a number of important roles on the Nissan Altima. Replacing them can help you to get your sedan back into top condition.

What are the benefits of having fenders?

Fenders perform many functions that help to improve the entire driving experience. Benefits range from safety and style to improvements in your car's aerodynamic profile.

  • Debris shielding: One of the main functions of a fender is to protect you, your vehicle, and those in your vicinity from the debris that is inevitably kicked up by your tires. There are various types of road debris, including glass shards, rocks and stones, bits of rubber from blown tires, and innumerable other pieces of materials. Should any of these things be kicked up by the tires and impact a windshield or the side panels of the vehicle, a startled driver may react instinctively to this and swerve his steering, causing a crash.
  • Aerodynamics: Besides helping to keep both you and other drivers safe from flying debris while out on the road, fenders can also help you to reduce gas consumption while driving. Fenders are designed to provide as little air resistance as possible, which helps to improve the overall aerodynamic nature of your Nissan Altima. The easier your car is able to slip through the air, the less fuel it will need. This translates directly to increased gas mileage.
  • Style: Not to be overlooked are the aesthetic benefits to having quality fenders on your sedan. The smooth flowing lines and curves of the vehicle's shape will be affected if the fenders are not in good condition.
How do you replace a fender on Nissan Altima?

Replacing the fender on your Nissan Altima may seem like a task that can only be done by professionals. With a few simple tools and some simple instructions, however, replacing the fender on your sedan can be done in simple steps. During the process, it's important to always wear proper protective gear to help reduce the risk of injury. Make sure to keep track of where all of the small parts came from in order to ensure proper reassembly at the end.

  • Open the hood and remove the five bolts that hold the fender to the main body of the car. Once these are removed, open the front door on the appropriate side of the car to gain access to an additional three bolts. Remove these as well.
  • Remove the old fender and install the new one. Reattach the bolts loosely to hold the new fender in place while you adjust the location. Once the fender is properly aligned with the rest of the body, tighten the bolts to secure it firmly in place.