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Ford Escape Fenders

Fenders are available in a variety of models, designs, and colors to match your particular Ford Escape model. Explore what fenders do, how they are made, and what options are open to you when purchasing a replacement or customized fender.

What are the purposes of fenders?

Fenders cover the framework, adding both style and aerodynamic flow to all models of vehicles. In addition, fenders protect a vehicle's wheels and braking system from the dirt and debris that rises from the road. Fenders also provide protection during crashes by distributing the impact and helping to make the crash more survivable for the occupants of the car. Even motorcycles and ATVs have fenders for the same purposes.

What are fenders made from?

Fenders come in a variety of materials, including, but not limited to, fiberglass, steel, and composite, among others. Depending on what it is made from, your fender could be easily bent or beaten back into shape by an automotive professional or replaced by the dealer. Aftermarket fenders are also available in a variety of materials that are designed to work flawlessly with Ford Escape models.

Can fenders be customized for your Ford?

Along with the materials the fenders are made from, fenders can also be customized with flares, pinstripes, flames, and other personal touches. They can also be painted silver or most any color to match any Ford Escape perfectly, and then shipped to you ready to install. No matter what you have in mind, plenty of options are available to help you create just the right look you want for your Ford Escape.

What types of accessories are there to accompany your fender?

Fender support accessories include fender braces and fender wells as well as fender side skirts, sidebars, and fender splash shields. There are kits that should contain everything you need to complete a fender installation for your Escape. Read the instructions carefully to ensure that all the parts you need are included.

How do fenders affect gas mileage for the Escape?

There is some evidence that fenders, like most other body structures on SUVs, affect the gas mileage. Fenders can make cars more aerodynamic or less so; therefore, the amount of drag will increase or decrease. The amount of energy it takes to propel the Ford car forward directly reflects how much fuel will be required to drive a vehicle a set number of miles or in a variety of conditions.