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Fenders for Dodge Ram 1500

Fenders are responsible for protecting your Dodge Ram 1500 from mud, rocks, and other debris kicked up from the road by the tires. Some fender styles protect the engine, body, and front of your vehicle during a collision, and other types of fenders are installed for aesthetic purposes only. Multiple fender materials and designs are available for your Dodge Ram, so you should consider the style and protective features you desire before purchasing the replacement.

What are the materials of Dodge Ram 1500 fenders?
  • Metal: Most factory-manufactured fenders for the Dodge Ram are made out of the same metal type that matches the vehicular body. These are very durable, which makes them a popular fender choice for truck owners. Although they are slightly heavier than other materials, they provide a very high level of protection against debris and accidents while you're driving your Dodge.
  • Fiberglass: Although fiberglass provides less protection and durability than factory-manufactured steel fenders, they provide higher gas efficiency due to the lightweight properties. This type of fender will not rust or corrode easily.
  • Carbon fiber: While this material is not widely available for all Dodge Ram fender styles, it provides more protection than steel and weighs less than fiberglass. Carbon fiber also resists rusting and corroding, meaning it will last many years before the appearance of wear or tear.
What are the types of Dodge Ram 1500 fenders?
  • Pocket-style fenders: Also known as "bolt style," these fenders provide a rugged look to your Dodge Ram. This style does not require drilling. Instead, these have pre-installed pockets that create a bolted-on appearance.
  • Street-style fenders: These fenders are great for giving your Ram 1500 a sportier appearance without the need for overly large installments. These do not require drilling and usually come in many different textures and painting options.
  • Extended fender flares: Extended flares allow your Dodge Ram to look tough with minimal effort. They are typically installed on heavy-duty Rams, and they make a good medium between pocket-style and street-style.
  • Fender trim: While these offer less protection than factory-style fenders, they still provide a sleek appearance. Choose from multiple colors and styles for the optimum customization experience. These are best used on Dodge Rams that do not typically require off-road protection.
  • Fender skirts: These skirts extend down past the regular Dodge Ram fender and cover part of the upper wheel for more protection against the elements. They reduce drag for increased mileage and performance levels.