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Dodge Caravan Fenders

Fenders are an important part of a vehicle that can enhance its look, safety, and overall functionality. Deciding which fenders to choose for your Dodge Grand Caravan is important, as you want to make sure that the fenders you buy will fit your vehicle well and serve to protect you and other drivers on the road. With a wide selection of Dodge Grand Caravan fenders, you can find the replacements that you need.

Why are fenders so important?

Fenders are important for quite a few reasons. They are designed to help deflect road debris from the tires and underbody of your minivan. Fenders send rocks, gravel, ice mud and more towards the rear of your van when you are driving. This protects pedestrians and other cars around you. Due to regular wear and tear, fenders may become damaged or corroded over time and require replacing. Replacing the fenders on your minivan can increase its safety, aesthetic appeal, and general overall value.

What are some things that you should look for in fenders?

There are some important things to keep in mind when choosing fenders for your Dodge Grand Caravan.

  • Left vs right side fenders: You will need to know if you are purchasing a right or left side fender for your Dodge Caravan. Fenders are usually labeled as "LH" for the left-hand side or "RH" for the right-hand side. They also may be labeled as driver's side or passenger side parts. Right- and left-hand side fenders are not interchangeable on a Grand Caravan.
  • Construction materials: Fenders for can be made from a variety of different materials. Steel and aluminum are the most common materials that fenders for a Dodge Grand Caravan are made of. Sometimes customized parts are designed for this type of van, and these custom parts may be made of plastic composites or carbon fiber.
  • Dodge OEM fenders: Original Equipment Manufacturer fenders are usually designed to fit with a specific year and model of Grand Caravan. Choosing OEM parts helps to ensure quality construction and that all specs and fits are precise. OEM parts are designed by the same automaker as the vehicle model that they are for. The trim level and year of Grand Caravan that you own will be an important factor to take into consideration if you are looking for Dodge OEM fenders. The Grand To find out which OEM part number that you need, simply consult your owner’s manual.