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Cadillac STS Fenders

The fenders on your luxury Cadillac vehicle can have a direct impact on the way it drives and looks. It is important to be sure that you have picked out fenders of the correct style, size, and materials for your particular car. There are a few things you should know before you begin shopping for Cadillac STS fenders.

What purpose do fenders serve?

Fenders are designed to deflect debris from the underbody of your vehicle and direct them away from other vehicles on the road or from pedestrians. They also help to protect your wheels and engine from the elements. Keeping your fenders in good repair is critical.

Why might you replace fenders?

There are a few reasons that you may be looking to replace this part on your Cadillac sedan. The two main reasons that people replace their fenders are damage or to increase visual appeal. Over time, fenders may rust or become damaged, corroded, or otherwise less effective than they need to be. If damaged, replacement OEM fenders can be a great option. Alternatively, purchasing customized fenders and body kits can be an easy way add to the aesthetic and visual appeal of your Cadillac model STS.

What kinds of fenders are there for a Cadillac STS?

Fenders can come in a variety of styles and materials for a Cadillac STS.

  • Custom Cadillac fenders and body kits: Customized fenders are a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal of your Cadillac. They come in a wide range of material options and in many cases are part of a total body kit. If you are purchasing pre-made custom fenders, be sure to have the exact measurements and specifications of your particular STS on hand for reference.
  • Replacement OEM fenders: If your fenders have become corroded or damaged, you may wish to purchase OEM replacements. OEM or "original equipment manufacturer" parts are designed specifically to match the year and trim level of your Cadillac and are made by the same manufacturer as the original vehicle. Some OEM fenders are interchangeable between certain years and trim levels of STS. To find which OEM parts are interchangeable, consult your owners manual.
  • Materials: Fenders come in a variety of materials. These can include aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, and plastic composites. The materials that these parts are constructed of can serve quite a few different functions. Be sure to choose fenders constructed of materials that will benefit your specific applications. For example, aluminum fenders are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, which may work for someone looking to repair a corroded fender. Steel or carbon fiber fenders tend to be durable and would be a good option for a rebuild.
  • Finishes: Fenders can come in with many different finishes. Some are pre-painted for the convenience of the buyer. Others have polyurethane coatings to help them better stand up to wear and tear. Others still may be coated with chrome or other metallic finishes.