Fender is an American brand of guitars that has been around since 1946. It has been used by many amateur and professional musicians, including Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, and Eric Clapton. Along with the electric guitar, Fender also produces other musical instruments, such as banjos, mandolins, and amplifiers.

What types of Fenders are available?

Fender produces a wide range of electric guitar models as well as acoustic and bass guitar models. Some of the most notable products in their lineup include:

  • The Stratocaster and the Telecaster - The Stratocaster and Telecaster have a similar shape and function and are recommended for every level of player. The main difference is a Strat has six adjustable saddles on the bridge with a 2-point tremolo system while a Tele has a solid bridge.
  • Acoustic guitars - Acoustic models vary based on the size of the body and the materials used. There are acoustic guitars for right- and left-handed musicians Other models include the travel, parlor, and dreadnought build.
  • Bass guitars - Basses are available in electric, jazz, and acoustic models. Knowing the styles of bass guitars will tell you what sound to expect from the instrument.
  • Custom builds - The brand also produces a wide range of custom options for the musician who wants to have a guitar that meets all of their specific and personal needs.
How do you identify a vintage Fender guitar?

Older acoustic or electric guitars have become collectibles among musicians and music enthusiasts around the world. Because of their increasing value over time, they are viewed as an investment when purchased.

One of the easiest ways to reveal the age of your electric guitar is to check the production date stamped on the heel of the neck. Not all models have this, but you will find it on most Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars. Another way to find the year of your instrument is to carefully inspect the model specifications. These occasionally change over time and can give you a better date range of production.

A serial number can also help you narrow the date range of when that particular model was manufactured. However, like the model specifications and the production date, it may not provide you with the exact year it was produced.

How do you maintain a Fender guitar?

Regular care and maintenance will keep your guitar looking and sounding its best. To properly care for your Fender, use the following steps:

  • Use a soft cloth to dust off the body and the neck, including underneath the strings.
  • When traveling, always put your guitar in a case so that it doesn't get damaged during the trip. Soft cases can provide protection from scratches and dings on the body. Hard cases are suitable for all occasions.
  • When changing strings, make sure to use the correct gauges for your model. Using a string winder will make the process easier and put less stress on the tuning keys.
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