Finding the Right Fender Telecaster Neck

If you're looking for a Fender Telecaster neck for your guitar, you are sure to find a variety of suitable options on eBay. You can browse through an array of affordable prices to choose a neck that fits your budget. Make sure that you check the neck's specs to find the one that's right for your guitar's body.

Guitar bodies you can attach to the Fender Telecaster neck

You will need an electric guitar body to fit this type of Fender Telecaster neck. You'll also have to look at the types of pickups you have on your current guitar, such as single coil pickups. Be sure to check the neck's dimensions so that it matches the size of the guitar's body and your hand. As you're choosing your Telecaster's neck, you may find an assortment of shapes that can go with your guitar's body, such as:

  • U-shaped
  • C-shaped
  • V-shaped
What pickups can you use with Fender Telecaster necks?

You can find a variety of pickups to use with your Fender Telecaster neck. These choices can include single coil pickups to achieve a thin, clean sound. However, if you want a beefier sound, you can opt for humbucker pickups. It is important to note that a Telecaster neck pickup would work with either a vintage noiseless Telecaster pickup or a twang Telecaster neck pickup.

What options are available in Fender Telecaster necks?

You can choose from several types of guitar neck. An excellent example would be a relic neck, which matches a guitar body that has a vintage feel. A black neck can give a new feel to the design of the guitar. You can even choose a different type of headstock for each type of neck.

What type of wood comes with the Fender Telecaster neck?

Fender offers a few choices in wood. Each type of wood can give you a unique sound on your guitar. Maple wood can give you a thin, clear sound on your strings. Another alternative is the rosewood neck. This type of neck will give your Fender guitar a deep, thick sound. You can also find mahogany necks for the Fender Telecaster guitar.

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