The Fender Precision Bass Body: Building a Better Bass

As a bass guitarist, you want quality materials and tonewoods that will provide you with the most resonant and bass tones. Fortunately, Fender has its Fender precision bass body line of guitar components, so building a great bass is that much easier. You can find products of this type easily on eBay, and you'll even be able to find models with differing lightweight P bass body types so that you can have the bass that most accurately fits your style.

Used for four-string or five-string basses

Fortunately, how you set up your alder P bass body is completely up to you since this isn't exclusively a five-string bass body. Effectively, you can opt to purchase a bridge and headstock that accommodates both five- and four-string configurations.

Are there ash P bass body models with pickguards?

While there are many Fender precision bass body models without a pickguard, there are also models with pickguards made from various materials, including various wood types or durable, scratch-resistant plastic. With many of the models on the market, the pickguard comes pre-installed.

Designs available on these P bass kit

Outside of the models that include pickguards, you can also find P bass kits that incorporate:

  • Sunburst patterns - The sunburst is an iconic design that tends to make it into the bodies of a multitude of guitars. Fender provided various models of this product with the standard sunburst pattern as well as models with a sunburst and pickguards.
  • Multiple tone dial configurations - Each guitar is different when it comes to the tone and volume dials, but this product has a variable configuration so that you can determine how many pitch, treble, or other effect dials are needed for your sound.
  • Various styles of pickups - The pickup configuration has a lot to do with the final tone of the bass, and fortunately, there are options with the fender precision bass body.
What tonewoods are used in the construction of this body?

Tonewoods are important because they help the bass guitar generate the right tonality that it needs for making great music. This series of bass body has origins in the 1950s, and many of the products originating in this line have a construction of either alder or ash. Both of these tonewoods deliver bass-friendly tones Alder, in particular, has a tight grain pattern so that low-frequency sound is much clearer to the ear.

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