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You know how much you hate stocking up on things like underwear and socks? Grab go-to items in every size and forget about buying basics again until next year. Nab new arrivals from a variety of brands and enjoy the deep discounts you’ll get on everything from bags to jewelry to belts. Get ahead of the game and get everything you need so you don’t have to pay higher prices for in-season items.


Any shopper worth his or her salt knows that end-of-season sales are the best way to buy for the opposite season. For instance, if you’re buying clothing in the winter, you’ll get the best deals on summer items. If you’re purchasing from summer sales, chances are you’ll get low prices on warm winter items. Now is a good time to look at deals for every season, from apparel to jackets as well as shirts in every shade. Neutrals like blue, black, and grey go great with everything in your closet, so pick up a stack of shirts for a steal. Dresses on clearance are a great way to stock up your work wardrobe, while out-of-season items can be put away until you’re ready to wear them.


Get a jump on deals when you purchase footwear on sale. Buy everything from heels to sneakers for every member of your family and get the lowest prices on all types of footwear, whether it’s cleats to go with athletic equipment or a pair of red sandals to match your newly-purchased sundress. If you live up north, chances are you’re heading into a chilly winter, so buy the ankle, insulated, weatherproof, or waterproof boots you’ve been wanting for an even lower price and keep your feet toasty when temperatures drop. From kids’ sandals to women’s pumps, there are many ways to save on everyday footwear as well as special occasion items as prices drop to an all-time low once the holiday season ends.