The FURminator

Pets provide us with unconditional love. They are a part of our family, so their care is important. Maintaining hygiene is an essential part of owning a dog or cat, and the FURminator is a grooming tool to help remove loose hair and stubborn undercoats.

What does the FURminator tool do?

Shedding, tangles, and mats in your animal's hair can be a cumbersome bother to deal with. This tool is used to brush your pet's hair. Most dogs and cats enjoy being brushed, and it is easy to use.

What are the features of this brush?

There is an edge that will push through the topcoat of your cat or dog. The head and body of the tool come in various colors, but it has a black handle. It also features an ejection button to remove fur from the FURminator quickly.

How do you select the right model for your pet?

Since there are many different breeds of dogs and cats with different fur textures and grooming needs, there are also different FURminator options available. To find a good option for you and your pet:

  • Weigh your pet. Different sized brushes are available for smaller animals as opposed to larger ones.
  • Examine the length and thickness of your animal's fur. Some breeds such as Pomeranians or Huskies have a double coat made of a thicker, rough undercoat and a top coat with longer, silkier fur. The undercoat must be removed periodically as it sheds to ensure your furry friend stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Carefully examine the particular models to choose the right FURminator for your furry family member based on their size and whether they have long or short hair.
Do you need to incorporate dematting into the brushing routine?

Areas of hair matting are difficult to eliminate by hand. They can also be extremely painful for your animal and can result in bruising, as it pulls away from the sensitive skin. Matting can also harbor various parasites or disguise injuries in your fur baby's coat and skin.

How does the FURminator deSHEDDING tool work?

The FURminator works by gently lifting the fine hair or the matted area as you pull it through the dog's hair. Work slowly, taking care not to pull too forcefully on your furry friend's hair and skin. When you are finished, you can press the ejection button over a trashcan to dispose of the captured dog hair and avoid any excess mess.

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