FRONTLINE is a brand of tick and flea pest control to apply to your pet. Knowing how to pick the proper type of FRONTLINE Plus is essential to keeping your animal companion safe. This is a measure of direct protection to your cat or dog when they roam the world.

How do you choose the right type of FRONTLINE Plus?

FRONTLINE Plus comes in several different packages. You must choose the right one for your animal companion based on their species and weight. There is one product for cats and several for dogs based on weight. If your pet is slightly under or over the weight limit, ask your vet for his or her recommendation.

Does FRONTLINE kill more than flea and tick adults?

FRONTLINE Plus does indeed kill more than flea and tick pests that bother your animal companion. In addition to removing adult fleas and lice, it also can kill flea eggs and larva.

How long does it take for FRONTLINE to work?

You will find that FRONTLINE Plus starts working on the tick and flea species within a few hours. Within the first 4 hours after application of FRONTLINE, existing flea and tick pests will begin dying. Within 12 hours, 100% of all fleas and ticks should be taken care of. Proper application of FRONTLINE Plus is necessary to achieve these results. Be sure to follow all of the instructions on the box and get it into your pet's skin under the coat.

A flea or tick does not need to bite your pet for the medication to work. It takes effect immediately when the insects come in contact with your pet's fur, ensuring lasting protection against biting pests. Your cat or dog will be protected for a full 30 days against flea bites and ticks. Do not reapply another dose until the 30 days are up.

Does FRONTLINE have an expiration date?

FRONTLINE Plus does not have an expiration date. As long as the FRONTLINE is kept at room temperature and the seal is not broken, you can use it whenever you need to. It should be used immediately after the seal is broken to ensure that it is as effective as possible against flea pests and other insects.

How old should my pet be before applying FRONTLINE?

As long as your dog or cat is healthy, you can start applying FRONTLINE Plus once he or she is eight weeks old. There is no maximum age, so you can continue applying for the entirety of the pet's life. If your animal companion has a preexisting condition, then consult with your vet to see if this medication is advisable.

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