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Buying F-Connector Female Video Coaxial Cables

Choosing cables for various purposes around your house doesn't have to be confusing when you need to connect that new entertainment system you just bought to the television in your family room. Fortunately, there are a few ways to break it down and discover what you need these types of cables for and how to select the ones required for your specific purposes.

What Are These Used For?

The F-connector simply means that these cable connectors are the screw-on type as opposed to crimp-style cables. F connectors are typically the most basic and hassle-free types to use, and you don't need any other parts to install them.

  • Coaxial (or coax) cables are meant for use in audio and video applications.
  • They're commonly used on TVs, and the F-connector connects the cables to each other, with the male connector and the female F-connector providing the perfect connection point for your needs.
  • These types of coaxial cables aren't difficult to install, making them a common choice for use with different applications, such as hooking up your TVs cable service or using them to connect to wired Internet service.

Which Brands Make Coaxial Cables?

Choosing these accessories doesn't have to be difficult because as long as you have a female and a male connector, you can select the type of coax cable to use in your specific application. There is a handful of brands that you might recognize when you're looking for cables for TV or other purposes.

  • Belkin is a tech and electronics brand that creates cables and connectors of varying sizes and designs made for a variety of purposes.
  • Check into CommSport accessories, such as connectors, splicers, and ground blocks.
  • You can also investigate what's available from Rocketfish, a brand that makes many TV and audio cords and connectors for different devices.

How Do You Select the Right Cables?

When you're not very tech-savvy, buying electronics accessories or equipment can be intimidating, but as long as you know what you're using it for and what you are looking for, it's not as tricky as you initially thought it might be.

  • What are you using the connectors for? Do you need to connect a TV set or hook up peripherals like DVD players and stereo system components?
  • How long should your coaxial cords be? There are varied lengths available that range from 4-foot designs all the way up to longer 25-foot options and even longer than that.
  • Make sure you have the male F-type connector as well as the female F-type to ensure just the right connection since these are both necessary to produce the correct end result.

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