A person's face shape, eye and skin coloring, and personal preferences determine the eyeglass frames men and women choose. Finding a pair of to-die-for glasses frames is simply a matter of cherry picking through the frame materials and color selections to select what eyewear is right for you. Other considerations are bridge size along with temple and lens socket length. You may decide that glasses frames made by well-known designers are more suitable for how you intend to see the world.

Wrap Your Eyes in Color

Your eye color is a facial feature that people notice first. A person with striking blue eyes can wear almost any colored frame whether silver, gold, black, or purple. A brown frame complements someone with the same color of eyes. For those bold occasions that require an extra measure of flair, keep a pair of red eyeglass frames on hand to reveal your audacious self. People already choose clothing in a color that looks good on them, so employ the same criteria when picking out frames.

Frame Your Face in Style

Wearers can use eyeglass shapes to their advantage when improving their personal appearance. The frame's shape should harmonize with the natural shape of your face. Someone with a square jawline might consider a narrow frame to divert attention away from the jaw. A combination of rectangular and wide glasses frames draws attention away from someone with a round face. Oval and round eyewear helps wearers tone down features such as overly broad cheekbones or small eyes.

Choose a Classy Material

Metal and wood eyeglass frames hold up under everyday use whenever you drop or hit them accidentally. Plastic frames are lightweight so you hardly know they're on. They are less likely to leave those unmistakable dents on the bridge of your nose when glasses are too heavy. Add an instant wow factor to your appearance wearing eyeglass frames with a chrome finish. People are attracted to things that shine, so draw friends into your space without saying a word. Most titanium frames are hypoallergenic, resist corrosion, and the color does not usually fade as quickly as other metal frames.

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