Accent Your Facial Features With Eyebrow Tints Purchased on eBay

When you want bold, beautiful brows, reach for an eyebrow tint. This helpful cosmetic lets you adjust the color of each eyebrow hair, so you can make your eyebrows more prominent or match a new hair shade. eBay has many new eyebrow tints, so you can find the design that works best for your needs and matches your budget.

Are all eyebrow tints permanent?

Most affordable eyebrow tints are classified as semi-permanent. This means you can change the color of your eyebrows for a few weeks, but eventually, the tint will fade and your natural color will return. However, this is not your only option. You can find ones that only last a day or two and can be removed with cleansers as soon as you want to return to your natural color. There are also dyes that will last until the tinted hairs grow out entirely.

How do you find the right new eyebrow tint color?

The color you select has a huge effect on the overall look of the eyebrow tint. Often, people go a shade lighter than their hair if they have black or brown hair and a shade darker than their hair if they have blond or red hair. For a natural look, make sure you select a tint with cool or warm undertones to match your coloring. If it is a tint that will also dye your skin, you may want to pick a shade slightly lighter than the overall color you desire, since eyebrow color tends to be a combination of hair and skin color. However, keep in mind that color is just personal preference. If you are not aiming for a natural look, you can pick any color you like.

Choosing the right eyebrow tint for you

color is not the only thing to think about when choosing eyebrow tints. Here are some other things you may want to consider.

  • Pick your texture: Think about whether you want a solid tint that peels off, a thin, liquid tint, or a thicker gel tint.
  • Select your applicator: Some tints have a pen tip for drawing on individual hairs while others have brushes, sponges, or squeeze tips for easy application.
  • Decide on your preferred longevity: Think about whether you want the tint to wash off in a few hours or last for weeks.
  • Consider ingredients: If desired, you can find options with features like all-natural, organic, vegan, or cruelty-free formulas on eBay.