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Nissan Murano Racks

The Nissan Murano is a crossover SUV that has five doors and is classified as a mid-size automobile. It is often regarded as a family-friendly model, and taking trips often necessitates the use of a roof rack or a rear lift gate rack. There are many racks to choose from for your Nissan Murano; the type and installation process vary based on the items that you want to transport.

What types of racks are available for the Nissan Murano?
  • Carrier rack: Carrier racks are used for transporting specific types of items on the back or rear lift gate of the Murano. They can be used for bicycles, kayaks, surfboards, and skis.
  • Cross bar: Cross bar racks attach to pre-installed roof rails on the Murano. They run width-wise, from the driver's side to the passenger's side. They are designed to carry luggage and other bulky items.
  • Universal roof rack: A universal roof rack is designed to accommodate unusually shaped loads. It features bars that run length-wise and width-wise across the top of the vehicle.
What are the features of Nissan Murano racks?
  • Powder coating: The rack may have a powder coating that allows it to blend in with the exterior paint color of the Nissan Murano. The powder coating also reduces heat transfer from the metal to the items that are being transported.
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion: The roof rack is designed to resist rust and corrosion of its metal bars. It is also designed to prevent the roof from rusting at the mounts or clamp attachment points.
  • Integrates into existing side bars: Factory-installed side bars or rails allow for ease of installation of a complete roof rack system, with no additional drilling needed. This preserves the structural integrity of the roof.
What are the rack mounting options for a Nissan SUV?

If your model Nissan has factory-installed rails on the roof, you will need a cross bar rack to complete the rooftop storage system. To attach the carrier bars, you will need mounting towers that bolt onto the vehicle through its roof. The clips snap the rails into place. If you want to carry bikes, kayaks, or surfboards on your SUV, you need the carrier rack for the rear lift gate. To install it, you will need a clip attachment for the Murano's hitch. If there are no roof rails on the vehicle, a universal roof rack kit is needed. To install the universal roof rack, you will need a kit with four mounts that attach to the outer edges of the roof. These attach with clamps, and no drilling is required. Place the clamps at the specified distance on the Nissan's roof. Turn the nuts clockwise to tighten. When you are done transporting items, you can remove the universal roof rack until the next time it is needed.