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Mazda 3 Roof Racks

If you need more room to carry cargo and sports gear, Mazda 3 roof racks offer more than enough space. With the extra storage capacity, you can stretch out and enjoy long car rides to your destination. But before settling on the first rack you see, you should explore your options.

What types of Mazda 3 racks are available?

There are roof racks for sedans and hatchbacks that carry surfboards, skis, kayaks, and other sports gear. You will find gutterless systems like the ones manufactured by Rhino-Rack as well as aerodynamic solutions with locks by Thule. Before selecting a rack for your vehicle, check your roof type.

  • Fixed point roof racks: Some cars have black strips with small holes along the sides of the roof. This system requires a kit like the Thule’s AeroBlade or Rhino-Rack’s Aero Roof.
  • Bare roof racks: Sedans and hatchbacks with a naked roof need a full kit, including feet, crossbars, and locks. Rhino-Rack’s 2500 crossbars work on bare roof and fixed mount systems.
  • Half-rail roof racks: Unlike fixed systems that require a mounting kit, half rails only need crossbars to complete the system.
  • Full-rail roof racks: If you already have a set of rails and crossbars, you only need accessories and mounting hardware to secure the items to the rack.
  • Gutterless roof racks: With this option, no drilling is required. The kits contain clamps that fasten inside the car’s doorjambs. They are available with or without locks.
What are the advantages of a Mazda 3 roof rack?

Whether you're taking a road trip or hauling sports equipment, a roof rack is the ideal traveling companion. Below you’ll find a summary of key features.

  • Capacity: Check your car’s manual to determine the roof’s loading capacity. Mazda roof racks are like storage containers, except they fit on the top of your vehicle. You can carry large and odd-sized cargo including bicycles, skis, kayaks, and tents.
  • Versatility: Racks can be customized to suit your needs. There are baskets and other accessories you can attach to the racks to carry multiple accessories including locks for luggage, soccer equipment, and fishing poles.
  • Stability: A roof rack will keep your items secure until you reach your destination.
What companies manufacture Mazda 3 Roof Racks?

Thule, Rhino-Rack, Yakima, and INNO all design rack systems. Each brand offers a variety of aerodynamic designs to suit every need. Most systems are available with locks.

  • Thule: Thule offers multiple mounting choices, including fixed point and gutterless roof racks. The Thule line includes AeroBlade and Crossroads systems. Thule products have been tested to meet safety standards and include bike racks, ski boxes, and cargo carriers.
  • Rhino-Rack: Their systems feature aerodynamic designs, including Euro and Vortex systems. Some racks feature locks for security and easy access.
  • Yakima: This company offers a number of options, including the Jetstream Aero bars, engineered with high-quality materials.
  • INNO: Racks from this brand are made of hardened steel and undergo vigorous weather and speed tests. The bars install easily and feature locks for easy installation and removal.