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Racks for Kia Sorento

With your Kia Sorento comes the opportunity to embark on many great adventures. Sometimes, though, those adventures might require a little more gear than your Sorento's cargo area can hold. In that case, installing a roof rack on your Sorento could be the right solution to keeping those adventures going longer than you would ever expect.

How do you maintain a Kia Sorento's roof rack?

Given its important role, regularly cleaning and maintaining your vehicle's roof rack is essential to your safety on the road. After all, you depend on your roof rack to keep the load you have attached to it secure, even when you are traveling at highway speeds. Cleaning and maintaining your roof rack also helps you maintain your roof, ensuring its structural integrity is maintained to keep you safe in the event of a rollover accident.

  • Clean it: At least once a season, remove the crossbars from your Kia model's roof rack, and thoroughly clean the crossbars and the roof rails. The rails can often accumulate debris such as leaves and twigs that can decompose over time, leading to corrosion. Therefore, taking the time to clean and dry this area completely will lengthen the life of your roof rack.
  • Lubricate often-adjusted screws: Especially if you haul different-sized loads with your Kia Sorento's roof rack, it is important to regularly lubricate the bolts or screws you use to adjust the crossbars. This ensures you do not have to use unnecessary force to adjust the crossbars, and maintain the integrity of the bolts and screws.
  • Remove corroded elements: While cleaning your vehicle's roof rack, if you discover a bolt or screw that has become corroded, it is important to replace it immediately. The roof rack depends entirely on these fasteners to keep it and your luggage on the roof. Therefore, ensuring you have fasteners of good quality and strength at all times is vital to ensuring your safety on the road.
What types of roof racks are available for a Sorento SUV?

No matter what you need to haul with your vehicle, you can find a roof accessory to effectively haul it. There are the crossbars that allow you to use larger cargo carriers with either a hard or soft shell. There are also cargo baskets that allow you to haul multiple smaller cargo carriers without having to tie each of them down individually.

In addition, there are racks for specific adventure gear including bikes, kayaks, snowboards, skis, and whatever other types of equipment you need. All of these different types of racks attach to the roof rails, allowing you to change out the carrier you need depending on where your next adventure takes you.