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Racks for Jeep Compass

Racks can add storage and carry options to your Compass, which is a benefit to any driver. Several different types of racks are compatible with your compact vehicle. Learning some necessary information about your options will help you make the best decision for your needs.

What types of racks are available for your Jeep Compass?
  • Trunk racks utilize straps to mount the rack onto the rear of your vehicle. Trunk racks are lightweight and can be taken off of your Compass when not in use.
  • Hitch racks attach to your vehicle by inserting the mount into the hitch. One advantage of hitch racks is that they are easy to load and unload. You will need to consider whether your SUV has enough ground clearance for travel.
  • Roof racks coupled with cross beams mount onto the roof of your Jeep. Roof racks allow you to secure luggage and equipment on top of your car for travel.
  • Some cargo boxes also attach directly to your roof for additional storage. These boxes are made of hard plastic to protect your items from water.
What options should you look for with Jeep roof racks?

There are two main types of roof racks available for your Compass. Here are some of the features for each option:

  • Side rails utilize a track system to attach load bars and crossbars to your Jeep Compass. With rails, you can adjust the crossbars to distribute the weight of your load evenly. Side rails may already be preinstalled on your car, or you can select OEM or aftermarket side rails.
  • Landing pads install four mounts in fixed locations on your roof. Landing pads can be a good option if you utilize a cargo box that does not need adjustments.
How can you find the right rack for your Jeep?
  • Know the make, model, and year of your SUV. You may also want to find information on your VIN. This knowledge can be helpful when you want to purchase compatible roof-mounted racks for your Jeep.
  • Choose among your mounting options. You can choose between a selection of permanent and temporary racks depending on how frequently you think you will use them.
  • Know the difference between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket parts. If your car already has rails installed by the factory, searching for OEM racks may be a good option for compatibility with your existing rack system.
What companies manufacture racks for your Jeep Compass?

When you need to add or replace the racks on your Compass, you have various options available. If you are looking for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) options, you can select from Chrysler, Jeep, Mopar, and Thule brands. OEM racks are made to the same specifications as the racks installed on your Jeep at the factory. OxGord, Go Rhino, Topline, Yakima, and other companies make aftermarket racks that are compatible with your vehicle. The design of aftermarket models may be different from stock models so that some modifications may be needed.