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Hyundai Santa Fe Racks

Car racks give you more cargo room for long trips or hauling gear across town. These space-saving systems provide you with the space you need for luggage, bikes, and oddly-shaped items that won't fit in your vehicle. However, you should consider the following information before buying a rack for your Hyundai Santa Fe vehicle.

Do you need a Hyundai roof or hitch mount rack?

Before you choose between a hitch and roof mount, you need to know what you will carry on your Hyundai SUV. For example, if you want to drive a couple of bikes to the trails, a hitch rack may fit your needs. However, a roof rack is more suitable for long trips and family vacations.

  • Hyundai Santa Fe Roof Rack: The Santa Fe roof rack allows you to carry up to six bicycles or four surfboards on your Hyundai SUV. Since roof racks sit on top of the car, you will enjoy an unobstructed view.
  • Hyundai Santa Fe Hitch Rack: Depending on the model, you can load up to five bicycles on a hitch rack. The rack sits away from the vehicle to minimize the chance of scratches. The bikes sit within easy reach for loading and unloading.
Which companies offer racks for Hyundai Santa Fe vehicles?

Once you decide which type of rack you prefer, look for parts designed by reliable manufacturers. Brands like Go Rhino, Thule, and Yakima lead the field in cutting-edge rack designs.

  • Go Rhino: This manufacturer makes galvanized steel roof racks with a textured black, powder-coated finish and light plates.
  • Thule: Founded in 1942, Thule leads the field in innovative rack designs for Hyundai vehicles. Thule tests all of its products for safety and longevity before putting them on the market.
  • Yakima: This company offers an exciting range of rack options for those who drive Santa Fe vehicles.
What features will you find when buying Hyundai racks?

You will come across models with several features for the Hyundai Santa Fe. If you know what to look for beforehand, you'll arrive at a sound decision. Besides loading capabilities and your preference for a Santa Fe hitch or roof mount, look for the following features.

  • Locking Ability: Make sure your selection includes lock parts to protect your cargo and prevent theft.
  • Weather-resistant: Most manufacturers of Santa Fe racks recognize rain and snow can cause them to wear quickly. Because of this, you will find several models with a weather-protective coating.
  • Scratch-free Surface: Scratch-free surfaces ensure the rack doesn’t ruin the auto's finish. Look for a layer of protection to prevent scratched surfaces.