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Honda Element Racks

If you drive a Honda Element, there are a wide array of racks that you can select for transporting some of your larger possessions, such as a snowboard or a bicycle. These racks are designed to be mounted to the roof of your Honda Element and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. A few of the brands that manufacture these racks include Topline, Autofather, and Honda.

Which types of Honda racks are available to select from?

There is a wide range of racks available for your Element, including the crossbar design and the carrier rack design.

  • Cross bar: This is the most common design used with Honda Element racks. It makes use of two metal bars, one that is situated towards the back of the roof and the other towards the front. This type of design is commonly used for the transportation of luggage and sports equipment.
  • Carrier rack: This type of design makes use of at least three crossbars that are placed inches away from one another and are contained within a larger rectangular frame. The construction allows for a heavy weight capacity of at least several hundred pounds. It helps to maintain the security and stability of whatever item you are transporting.
  • Universal rack: This is a type of rack that covers all designs and refers to a rack that can be used across any Honda Element no matter which model year you have. These universal racks can come in various sizes.
Which materials are Honda racks made from?

These Honda Element racks are crafted from a couple of different materials, including both steel and aluminum, both of which have different characteristics.

  • Aluminum: This is a lightweight and malleable metal that comes with a high amount of strength. It is commonly used in the creation of roof racks due to the fact that it is 100% resistant to corrosion and completely recyclable.
  • Steel: This is a metal that is known for its toughness and durability as it is practically impossible to crack and difficult to bend. This durability also allows the metal to be resistant to fire, heat, and a range of other issues.
What different brand types are available with Honda racks?

During your search for the right rack for your Honda Element, you will have a variety of brand types at your disposal. Some of these racks are OEM parts that were manufactured by Honda, which means that they have been made by the original manufacturer of your vehicle and have been set to match the exact measurements of your Element model. Another brand type that is commonly available with these racks is an aftermarket branded one. An aftermarket part is one that has been made by a brand other than the original manufacturer of your vehicle. With the racks for Honda Element, these brands include Autofather, Speed Daddy, and Orion Motor Tech. A selection of these racks can be unbranded as well.