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Organize Your Luggage Using a Chevrolet Traverse Exterior Rack

Exterior roof racks are available for multiple versions of the Chevrolet Traverse SUV. You can find exterior racks for the High Country Premier, LS, and LT models. Knowing what kinds of new and used racks are available on eBay can help you choose the ones that fit your needs.

What types of exterior racks are available?

Most roof racks are intended to extend over the whole roof and second-row area of your vehicle. You may wish to look for roof racks based on the type of material they use. Note that some racks may be compatible with more than one version of the Chevrolet Traverse, including both AWD and FWD variations. Some affordable exterior racks for Chevrolet Traverse vehicles on eBay are:

  • Aluminum - These racks may be lighter and more flexible than steel. They are designed to provide a balance between weight and durability.
  • Steel - Steel racks may be heavier than aluminum ones and come plated in a variety of finishes.
  • Plastic - Plastic racks are usually the lightest type you can find and are available in several colors.
What features do Traverse racks have?

Some of these versatile racks are designed to do more than hold your luggage or camping equipment. You can use eBay to find racks with some of these extra features:

  • Adjustable - You can purchase racks that are adjustable. These racks can be sized to fit your luggage or equipment snugly.
  • Removable - Although most racks are removable, some models have features that make them easy to attach and detach from your Traverse as necessary.
  • Waterproof - Some racks have properties that may make them more resistant to peeling or corrosion due to rain.
What placement types can you get?

Although roof racks are common choices for many vehicle exteriors, they are not your only option. You can buy racks that can work on different parts of your Chevy Traverse. Note that you can purchase packages that include several placement types in one set. You can install more than one type for extra storage space. Some common placements that are available on eBay include:

  • Front - These racks go on the front of your vehicle near the grille.
  • Rear - You can attach rear racks to the top rear or trailer hitch area of the Traverse.
  • Left or Right - Some racks are compatible with the upper left and right sides of the vehicle.
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