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Cadillac SRX Racks

The Cadillac SRX was in production from 2003 to 2015 and is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV. Roof racks are standard for the Cadillac SRX model, allowing for more cargo space without sacrificing interior space for passengers and comfort. Rails to accommodate a rack are a stock feature for this vehicle, and there are many different kinds of racks available with various carrying capacities and special features for specific kinds of items and cargo.

What should be considered when buying a SRX roof rack?
  • Cargo: You want to make sure that the roof rack you purchase is wide enough and has any other of the necessary accommodations needed for your cargo and vehicle. If you have specific equipment or carrying boxes in mind, be sure to get their measurements to make sure that the rack is large enough to hold them.
  • Weight: You want to make sure that the weight of the rack plus the weight of the intended cargo falls within the weight limits for your Cadillac SRX. Consult the owner's manual to find the maximum weight you may safely put on the roof of the vehicle.
  • Roof type: The Cadillac SRX comes equipped with rails on the roof which are meant to accommodate cargo and a roof rack. However, not all racks are meant to be used with rails. Be sure to look at the installation instructions and rack type before making your purchase to get the suitable rack for the SRX.

Do roof racks affect fuel economy?

Adding weight or wind resistance to your Cadillac will have an effect on the fuel economy as you drive, and different roof racks will add more or less weight and wind resistance. There are roof racks available that are designed to reduce wind resistance with crossbars that are shaped for this purpose. However, the cargo usually provides the bulk of the wind resistance and weight. Therefore, when the roof rack is not in use, its contribution to fuel economy is negligible when using these kinds of crossbars.

Do you have to switch the rack for different cargo?

Some roof racks are specifically designed with certain cargo in mind like bikes, skis, snowboards, or kayaks, and some are more universal. It is not typically necessary to use equipment-specific roof racks, but many people prefer them because they result in easier loading and are more secure. Be prepared with tie-downs and bungees to make a universal rack work for all of your cargo. Some roof racks come with accessories that may be added to secure particular equipment, as well.

Do SRX roof racks require a lock?

Some roof racks come with a locking mechanism and some can accommodate separately purchased locking systems. A lock is not necessary for the roof rack to operate safely and remain securely attached to the vehicle, however. Locks on roof racks are typically more about theft prevention than safety.