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Buick Rendezvous Racks

Many different styles of racks are available for the Buick Rendezvous. Each Buick Rendezvous rack has the ability to carry different types of cargo. Understanding how racks work together can help you pack your Rendezvous model most efficiently.

What do base racks do?

Buick base rack systems are comprised of two substantial bars that are mounted parallel to one another on the roof of the Rendezvous. These bars are typically made from metal and are shaped so that bungee cords and other storage cords can fasten to them easily. These systems are designed for mounting a wide variety of cargo and are compatible with a lot of different roof rack accessories.

What are signature features of boat racks?

Buick boat racks can be mounted to base racks. These styles typically have a series of components that stick up above the roof into the air. Boats rest in between stabilizers and are fastened both to stabilizers and the base bars for stability. This helps the boats stay still during transit to minimize the chance of damage.

What are qualities of winter sport racks?

Buick Rendezvous racks, such as the winter sport racks, have arms that are mounted parallel over base racks with a few inches of space in between. Winter sports equipment, such as skis and snowboards, can be packed in between the small space between the bars. The top set of bars then lowers to fit snugly around the equipment.

What is the function of a cargo basket?

Buick cargo baskets are grids of wire that are mounted to base racks. The large number of intersections in the grid provides a lot of space for fastening different types of cargo with bungees and other rope. Camping gear and outdoor adventure gear are some examples of supplies that would be compatible with this type of system.

What are cargo boxes?

Buick Rendezvous cargo boxes are hard shells made from different kinds of metal and plastic. These shells come in a variety of rectangular and oval silhouettes. They are fixed onto the roof of the Buick Rendezvous and are suitable for storing various bags, suitcases, and other packing receptacles. These are particularly effective for packing things with soft walls, such as duffel bags, due to the extra protection that cargo boxes offer.

What types of bike racks are there?

Buick Rendezvous bike racks can be mounted to the top of the Buick Rendezvous or to the trailer hitch behind the rear of the vehicle. The bike rack sits on the trailer hitch and allows bikes to be transported without you having to remove the wheels. If bikes are mounted on the Buick’s roof, the front wheels will likely need to be taken off for safe travel.