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Exterior Parts for a Honda Civic

Sometimes, exterior parts on your Civic need to be replaced. Other times, you might just want to upgrade your Honda's design. Either way, you can browse selections that are meant for your make and model and that provide both function and style.

What Civic exterior parts are available?

You can find Civic exterior parts for just about every section of your car. Some available Honda Civic exterior parts include:

  • Grilles - Your Honda's grille ensures optimal airflow beneath the hood. This important part can sustain damage over time, and it may ultimately require replacement.
  • Bumper covers - The front ones have openings for fog lights, grilles, or other components. Rear ones are tailored for placement over license plates. Both types come in a variety of colors and may have a primed finish.
  • Side mirrors - Both manual and power side mirrors are offered for compatible Civic models.
  • Spoilers - In addition to providing a stylish appearance, the use of a spoiler can enhance the aerodynamics of your Honda Civic.
  • Molding and trim - Metallic, black, or colored trims may fit the body of your Honda. Some types serve just a decorative purpose, but others might keep out unwanted moisture and seal air gaps.
How do you know which Civic parts you need?

It can be overwhelming to shop for car parts if you are new at it. The best way is to look for components made especially for your automobile. Use these tips when considering Honda exterior parts:

  • Look items up by year, make, and model: For instance, you might need side mirrors for a 2010 Civic LX. If so, looking up items for this model often is the simplest way to find the correct part or accessory.
  • Identify specific components by the part number: This ensures that you do not order the wrong part as long as you confirm its compatibility and know your vehicle make.
  • Use only OEM components meant for your vehicle: Do this even if the manufacturer indicates a component is a universal part.
  • Examine photos of available options: Use them to compare or contrast with a part you have to make sure it looks like what you need.
How do you know if a part will fit?

As long as you follow tips for making sure you receive what you need, you usually do not have to worry about this. Any items you order for your Honda are usually listed as made for your specific model.