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Chevrolet El Camino Car & Truck Interior Mouldings & Trim

The exterior of your Chevrolet car or truck is what defines the look and feel of the vehicle, especially the Chevrolet El Camino. In order to keep you El Camino looking ideal, it may be necessary to repair or replace certain parts.

Is Chevrolet exterior moulding interchangeable?

Any Chevrolet vehicle has a particular look and feel, which means a Chevrolet truck's trim would not match an El Camino's. The simple way to preserve the design of your car is to purchase only El Camino exterior mouldings for your vehicle if you own an El Camino. It is also true that each year and model will have slight variations that must be adhered to in order to precisely match a missing or affected part.

Can you use a Chevy pickup truck's bed mouldings?

Though it may be possible to modify a truck's parts to fit your Chevrolet El Camino, it is suitable to purchase correctly manufactured pieces. Each design is necessary to completely preserve the look and feel of either your Chevy pickup or El Camino. Forcing a snug fit could affect your vehicle and necessitate the repair or replacement of further parts.

Is PVC used in Chevrolet El Camino pickup trim?

Yes, many mouldings are made using PVC to give a wood look and feel while remaining durable against the elements. Areas around the doors, engine, and bed of your truck or El Camino are accented with these mouldings, so they need to look optimal while remaining functional.

Will your Chevrolet car or truck be safe without accents?

The mouldings around your pickup or El Camino are purely aesthetic. They do not affect the safety of your car or truck during operation. However, without these accents, your vehicle may lose some of its appeal as a classic. The profile of any pickup or car made by Chevrolet is as important as the sound and power of the engine.

Will multiple styles fit your car or truck?

The El Camino is a very versatile car in that many styles will enhance its appeal. Just like a truck, this model of car is designed to serve a purpose and look good doing it. The exact style will depend on your preferences much like the engine in your truck is contingent on your needs.

Should you replace all the accents on your El Camino?

You may repair or replace specific parts on your car as the need arises. Should you not be able to match ideally with the current style, it may be necessary to replace all the mouldings on your El Camino to keep its look coherent. Any car would look suitable with only a single type of wood adorning its sides, so keeping the style similar is key to preserving your El Camino's classic look and feel.