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Mitsubishi Galant Exterior Mirrors

On your Mitsubishi, you will see two side-view mirrors, one on each side of the Galant. These mirrors play a major safety role and help keep you, your loved ones, and your other passengers safe. Here is some information on finding replacement side-view mirrors.

What do exterior mirrors on a Mitsubishi Galant do?

Exterior side-view mirrors are installed on the driver's side and passenger side doors of all vehicles. Because they play a major safety role, all Mitsubishi sedans like the Galant are required to have them installed for the cars to be auto street-legal. These exterior mirrors are used to:

  • Check blind spots: Drivers can use the mirrors to keep an eye on other drivers that may be sharing a busy road with them. For example, Mitsubishi Galant drivers may be able to see others who may be coming in too close and adjust their speed for safety.
  • Change lanes: The side-view mirrors can also be checked before drivers attempt to make a lane change. In some cases, other vehicles may be traveling in a driver's blind spot, preventing him or her from seeing the other car.
  • Improve appearance: Although exterior mirrors are mostly included on the Mitsubishi Galant for safety, they can also be used to change or improve your Mitsubishi Galant's appearance. Some textured or painted mirrors can be used as focal points on a Galant or even make a Galant look more rugged.
What types of exterior mirrors are there?

Although both manual and power exterior mirrors help you see if there are other vehicles in your blind spot, there are some differences between the two:

  • Manual: These exterior mirrors do not connect to your Mitsubishi's battery or alternator. This means they are fully functional even if your Mitsubishi Galant loses power. They often have a manual remote that is installed on the inside of the driver's side or passenger side door that you can use to make adjustments as needed. Some manual mirrors can also fold inward when parked, although you will have to fold them by hand.
  • Power: These exterior mirrors connect to your Galant's power source. As such, they offer a large variety of functions and features that make them easy to use. In some cases, you may find exterior mirrors that have lights, fold automatically when your Mitsubishi Galant is in park, and have built-in heaters to defrost or defog the glass.
Is your Mitsubishi compatible with power mirrors?

The Mitsubishi Galant is usually wired to be compatible with power exterior side-view mirrors. The OEM replacement mirrors for both the driver side and the passenger side come with a heated remote. They often come in black, but they can be painted to match your Galant. Some OEM replacement power mirrors do not come with heat, so look for an aftermarket replacement if a defogger or defroster is desired.

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