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Exterior Mirrors for Mercury Grand Marquis

Mercury Grand Marquis exterior mirrors come in several different styles, including driver's side, passenger's side, stationary, foldable, heated, non-heated, coated, plain, manually adjusted, and power adjusted. Different features allow drivers to individualize their experience. Cleaning mirrors regularly help them to stay functional.

What is the difference between foldable and stationary mirrors?

Foldable Grand Marquis mirrors have a hinge near the body of the car that allows the mirrored glass to fold toward the car in high-traffic areas or parking spaces with very close proximity to other cars. Stationary mirrors remain extended at all times and may need to be adjusted less as a result.

What are qualities of heated versus non-heated mirrors?

Heated Grand Marquis mirrors are temperature controlled by a switch or button located on the driver’s door or on the dashboard of the Grand Marquis. This allows the mirrors to be defrosted or defogged. Non-heated mirrors can be defrosted by turning on the car and running it for several minutes or by using a snow brush or ice scraper gently on the mirror in times of intense cold.

What do coated mirrors offer?

Coated Grand Marquis mirrors come with a glare-resistant shield over the mirror glass while plain mirrors come without. While the coating may serve to block intense high beams from behind or the glare of a setting sun, plain mirrors are equally as effective at reflecting images and upholding driving safety.

What is the difference between manual and power mirrors?

Manually adjusted mirrors allow the driver to physically manipulate the mirrored glass up and down or side to side depending on which angle he or she desires. Power adjusted mirrors are controlled with another button or switch on the driver's door or dashboard to shift the mirrors’ angles. The goal is for the driver to see as far around the car on all sides as possible by way of the mirrors. However, there will always be a blind spot and drivers should physically check the sides of the car as appropriate.

How do you rid mirrors of hard water spots?

Sometimes, spots collect on the glass portion of exterior mirrors. These can distract from visibility, decreasing the safety of the vehicle. To erase them, mix a paste of three parts baking powder and one part vinegar. Mix until it creates a paste, and apply it directly to the mirror. Let the mixture dry so that it hardens and then rinse it away with clean water. The spots should disappear with the paste. This significantly improves visibility and safety in your Marquis.

What are mirrors made from?

The exterior cap on the mirror is made from a mix of durable, treated plastic and light metal. Common choices are carbon fiber and aluminum. These options add the needed amount of strength and protection from the natural elements without weighing down the Marquis’ frame significantly. Exterior portions of mirrors are typically painted the same color as the rest of the vehicle. The mirror portion is, predictably, mirrored glass.

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