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Exterior Mirrors for Lincoln Navigator

Several styles of mirrors can be found for the Lincoln Navigator. Each has different features with slightly different functions. Cleaning your exterior mirrors regularly can help to increase vehicle safety and visibility.

What styles of exterior mirrors are there?

A variety of styles of exterior mirrors can be found for the Lincoln Navigator, including folding, stationary, heated, non-heated, manually adjusted, power-adjusted, coated, and non-coated.

  • Folding mirrors for the Lincoln Navigator include a hinge near the vehicle that allows the mirror portion to fold toward the car. This may help to decrease the potential for accidents in crowded, high-traffic areas or in lots with small spaces. Only fold collapsible mirrors when the Lincoln is parked and turned off. Stationary mirrors do not have a hinge and remain extended at all times. They likely need to be adjusted less as a result of less movement.
  • Heated mirrors can be defrosted and defogged utilizing a switch in the driver’s door or in the dashboard. Lincoln non-heated mirrors can be defogged and defrosted the typical way, by turning on the car for several minutes before operating it. A gentle snow brush or ice scraper can also be used to clear the mirrors off.
  • Coated mirrors have a layer on them that dulls bright lights so that they are not as offensive. A setting sun or high beams behind the Lincoln Navigator may leave the operator squinting. Lincoln non-coated mirrors lack this layer. Both styles are equally effective at reflecting images behind the vehicle.
  • Manually adjusted mirrors are built to be physically manipulated up, down, left, and right with fingers to achieve an appropriate angle. Power mirrors can be adjusted with a switch or set of buttons in the driver’s door or in the dashboard. Both mechanisms work equally well for positioning mirrors so that the vehicle operator can see as far as possible around the car in both directions.
What are exterior mirrors made from?

Most exterior mirrors are made from a combination of metal, plastic, and glass. The cap over the reflective portion of the mirror is made to be durable for protection and longevity. Frequently it overhangs the reflective glass. Some exterior mirrors are coated in black plastic while others are painted the same color as the vehicle.

How do you clean exterior mirrors?

Lincoln exterior mirrors can be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and soap. Apply the solution to the outside and reflective portions of the mirror with a soft sponge or cloth and rub gently until all debris is eliminated. Once the mirrors are clean, rinse them with clean water and dry them with another soft cloth. If hard water spots appear on the mirror, mix a paste of three parts baking powder and one part vinegar. Apply the paste to the mirror, wait until it dries, and then rinse it away.