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Lexus ES 330 Car & Truck Exterior Mirrors

Lexus ES 330 exterior mirrors come with a host of powerful features to help you navigate the streets and highways. However, a sideswipe or other circumstances may cause a mirror to fall off, malfunction, or clash with the car’s luxury appearance. Before shopping for a replacement mirror, you’ll need to know your options.

What are the features of Lexus exterior mirrors?

Both the driver and passenger side mirrors feature heated glass and dimming functions. Select models may also include memory functions, built-in lights, and blind-spot attachments. You should know the features that exist on your ES 330 sedan before choosing a replacement part. This way, you can be sure the mirror works with the factory-installed controls.

  • Lexus heated glass: A pinstriped grid inside the housing rids frost, ice, and fog from the mirror when the defrost control is triggered.
  • Lexus built-in indicator lights: Amber lights may provide downward illumination when the car door opens; operate as turn signals while driving, or both.
  • Lexus blind-spot attachment: This part may clip, snap, or stick to your car’s driver or passenger side mirrors. It extends your line of sight, allowing you to safely change lanes, pass vehicles, or reverse into parking spaces.
  • Lexus dimming function: Sensors dim the mirrors to reduce the glaring sun and lights from other vehicles.
  • Lexus memory operation: With a touch of a button, the sedan’s side-view mirrors move to a preset position. This convenient function comes in handy when there is more than one driver of the car.
When should you replace Lexus driver and passenger mirrors?

Driving your Lexus ES 330 with damaged or missing mirrors is risky. Without these peripheral-vision devices on your vehicle, your field of vision is limited, which may lead to an accident. You should replace your Lexus ES 330 car mirrors immediately if any of the following situations occur.

  • Unable to adjust ES mirrors
  • Cracked glass or housing
  • Loose mounting
How do you replace mirrors on the Lexus ES 330?

The replacement process will vary according to the mirror type, as well as the model and year of your vehicle. If only replacing the glass, just remove the old glass and slide the new mirror into place. However, if the housing is damaged, you need to detach the door panel and remove the screws. See an outline of the process below.

  • Most ES models have a cover that shields the screws and nuts. Pull back and out to remove the cover. Then, look on the door for a tab underneath the mirror. Push the center button and pull out the tab. Next, pry the cover from the ES door handle and remove the screw.
  • Search for extra tabs that may be hiding screws and pop the tabs. Remove the screws and door panel. Disconnect the wires with a simultaneous push and pull.
  • Remove the mirror’s screws and bolts. Then, install the new mirror on your Lexus ES 330 by tightening the bolts and screws. Reconnect the wires and put screws back into place before re-attaching the door.