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Exterior Mirrors for Lexus ES300

The Lexus ES300 is a car from Toyota’s luxury line that serves as a mid-size sedan with a six generation history. The Lexus ES 300 also has a fairly feature-rich exterior mirror setup that makes driving around other cars safer. You can find the right replacement exterior mirror for Lexus ES 300 in this selection of exterior mirrors.

What features do Lexus ES300 exterior mirrors have?

The Lexus ES300 has a mirror that definitely employs a few useful features for the driver and the passenger of the sedan. These include the following:

  • Powered adjustment: When it’s time to change the positioning of the mirror, you can do so electronically via a control pad that’s mounted in the armrest of the sedan. This feature erases the need for manual adjustment so that you can quickly and easily reposition the mirror placement of your Lexus ES series without exposing your hands to the cold.
  • Memory features: In addition to the powered functionality of the exterior mirrors, the Lexus ES300 also includes memory functionality as well. With it, you can pre-program two different presets so that multiple drivers can have their preferred mirror positioning.
  • Heating: When the weather is intense and there’s a tendency for snow, ice, or fog to accumulate on the glass surface of your mirror, you can use the internal heating coils of your Lexus ES 300 to help remove them from your mirror. With the Lexus ES300, this feature is activated in tandem with the rear defrosters, which means that these Lexus car components defrost simultaneously.
  • Auto-dim: This vehicle from Toyota’s luxury line also includes auto dim on the surface of the mirror. Using electro-chromism, the mirror will automatically dim when exposed to high amounts of light. This way, when driver’s behind your Lexus ES300 use their high beams, you won’t be blinded.
What are some possible aftermarket features for the Lexus ES300?

In addition to the stock features that you can have on OEM-released mirrors, you can purchase aftermarket mirrors for the Lexus ES 300 that can add additional functionality to your various model year Lexus variation, such as the following:

  • Puddle lamps: Most models of the Lexus ES300 series don’t have this feature, but it can be found on aftermarket replacements. This optional feature for your Lexus ES300 sets a light at the base of the exterior mirror. When you get out of your car, you can shine a light directly on the ground, which will give you a view of any puddles or any dangerous ice slicks.
  • Signaling displays: This feature adds a light to the back of your Lexus mirror. When you need to signal, the light will flash similarly to the signaling indicators along the front and rear of your Lexus vehicle. This feature is useful because it allows drivers that are driving alongside your Lexus ES series vehicle to see that you are intending to turn.