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Exterior Mirrors for Hyundai Accent

Armed with the superb fuel economy of your Hyundai Accent, seeing what's behind you might not seem as important as taking in all the miles you've got ahead of you. However, in addition to seeing what's behind you, your Accent's exterior mirrors allow you to see what's beside you, helping you drive with confidence wherever you roam. Therefore, keeping your exterior mirrors for Hyundai Accent in great condition is essential to your safety on the road.

How do you maintain exterior mirrors on a Hyundai Accent?

Maintaining your Accent's exterior mirrors might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider how to take care of your vehicle. However, when you understand how important your exterior mirrors are to your car, you'll want to do everything you can to make sure they're working well at all times.

  • Clean them: Given that your Accent's exterior fixtures are much larger than the mirrors themselves, there is ample space behind the mirrors where debris can collect over time. It's a good idea to occasionally adjust your mirrors as far as they'll go in both directions to be able to clean behind them. This ensures the mechanical arms continue to work well and that no rust begins to form on the mirror fixture.
  • Thaw them: If you live in an especially cold climate, ice and snow could accumulate on your Accent's mirrors, making it impossible to adjust until everything melts. Don't try to rush this process by adjusting your mirrors before everything is melted or you may end up burning out your mirrors' motors or breaking the mirror glass. Clear away the excess ice and snow, then allow the rest to melt on its own before you attempt to adjust your mirrors.
  • Protect them: Though it doesn't happen as frequently as other glass surfaces on your Accent, your mirrors can still become fogged up, creating a dangerous driving condition. Use an antifogging agent on the surface of the mirror to ensure this doesn't happen so you always are able to use your mirrors while you're driving.
What types of mirrors are available for a Hyundai Accent?

There are many different components that make up your Hyundai Accent's exterior mirrors. These include the mirror housing, the mirror itself, the mirror motor, and the mirror switch. Any of these components are available individually either as an original equipment manufacturer or OEM or an aftermarket model. Additionally, you can buy the entire mirror assembly, which includes the housing, the motor, and the mirror all-in-one, again, either as a replacement or second-hand OEM or an aftermarket part.

Whatever route you need to take, it's important to ensure that you select the correct mirror for your particular application. Given that the mirrors on the driver and passenger's sides of the Hyundai are not interchangeable, it's important to note what side the component you're selecting is designed for. Not that the bolts would line up if you did, but if you were to purchase a mirror for the wrong side, you'd have to mount it upside down for it to be able to fit on the door of the car.