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Exterior Mirrors for GMC Sierra 1500

Several different styles of mirrors can be found for the GMC Sierra 1500. Each has varying features, including specialty mirrors for towing, that enhance a driver’s experience. Cleaning exterior mirrors regularly helps them to stay maximally functional, improving your view.

What styles of GMC exterior mirrors are there?

A variety of different mirrors with different features can be found for the GMC Sierra 1500, including folding, stationary, coated, non-coated, heated, non-heated, manually adjusted, and power adjusted.

  • GMC Sierra folding models are equipped with a hinge that sits near the vehicle which allows the reflective portion to fold toward the truck. This may be helpful in areas with heavy traffic flow or with space restrictions to decrease the chance of accidents. Foldable models should only be folded when the vehicle is parked and powered off. Stationary models remain extended at all times.
  • GMC Sierra coated models feature a surface that can diminish the effects of glare coming from behind the Sierra 1500. Other vehicle’s headlights and any direct sunlight can be tempered by the coated glass.
  • GMC Sierra heated models can be defrosted or defogged utilizing a switch on the driver’s door or in the dashboard. Non-heated models can be defrosted and defogged the traditional way, by turning the truck on for a few minutes before driving or by utilizing a snow brush or ice scraper.
  • GMC Sierra manually adjusted models are designed to be manipulated up, down, left, and right physically with fingers. Power adjusted models are operated with a switch in the driver’s door or dashboard that has the same effect without having to touch the reflective glass. Both mechanisms work well for achieving the ultimate angle which allows the Sierra’s driver to see around the vehicle on both sides as far as possible.
What are exterior mirrors made from?

Typically these parts for the GMC Sierra are made from a combination of metal, plastic, and glass. The cap that fits over the reflective portion is designed to be durable and rugged to protect glass underneath. Often this part will overhang the reflective portion. Some models are matte black on the outside while others are painted to match the Sierra’s exterior.

How do you clean exterior mirrors?

These parts can be washed with a mixture of warm water and soap. Rub the outside and inside of the piece until it is free of debris. Rinse it with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. If hard water spots develop on the mirror portion, you can mix a paste of three parts baking powder and one part vinegar together. Apply the paste to the mirror, wait until it dries, and then rinse it away to eliminate spots.