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Exterior Mirrors for GMC Jimmy

The GMC Jimmy is a full-size SUV produced by General Motors and capable of towing 5,400 to 5,900 pounds. It features powered towing mirrors that can be positioned from the interior of the Jimmy using electronic controls. A variety of replacement or upgrade exterior mirrors for GMC Jimmy are available for you to choose from for your compact SUV and pickup truck.

How do you replace these parts on a GMC Jimmy?

The side view mirror is attached to the door frame by a housing assembly that is connected to the car battery via a power cable. The replacement can be completed in one to two hours by one person. Before performing this procedure, gather a wrench and a screwdriver. A door panel remover is optional.

  • Remove the interior panel of the door by unfastening the plastic tabs with a screwdriver or door panel remover.
  • Detach the power cable connecting the side view mirror housing to the door frame.
  • Remove the bolts securing the cover to the mirror housing and then replace the glass in the housing.
  • Connect the power cable of the housing to the door frame and then slide the housing back into its position in the frame.
  • Position the interior panel on the door frame and then snap the plastic tabs back into place.
Do these products match the GMC Jimmy’s exterior?

These parts are designed to look and function exactly like the original items, and replacement glass is available separately from the housing assemblies for vehicles with intact mirror housing. Although replacing damaged towing mirrors helps to keep your GMC Jimmy safe and efficient on the road, it also helps to preserve the value and cosmetic condition of your vehicle.

How do side view mirrors impact safety and performance?

When you tow a trailer behind your GMC Jimmy, you use the side mirrors to help you navigate the roads without blocking traffic or colliding with objects or other vehicles. Side view mirrors have a convex shape so they make reflected objects appear slightly larger than they are to increase visibility for the driver.

When should the mirrors be replaced?

If your towing mirrors are cracked, fractured, discolored, or missing, they should be replaced immediately to help you avoid an accident or traffic ticket. These parts are subject to extensive wear and tear because they are positioned on the outside of the vehicle and exposed to wind, rain, and other corrosive elements. You can help to preserve the value and cosmetic condition of your GMC Jimmy by replacing the side view mirrors every 50,000 to 60,000 miles or five to six years.

Are these products compatible with all GMC Jimmy models?

Replacement mirrors are available for all model generations of the GMC Jimmy. Specifically, Original Equipment Manufacturer’s parts are compatible with all Jimmy models of the generation for which they are designed.