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Ford Ranger Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

Exterior mirrors are vital to visibility while driving your Ford Ranger or any Ford vehicle, especially in a Ford pickup truck. When it is difficult to see behind or around you, outside mirrors offer a view of areas the driver can't easily see. To select the right mirror, it's important to know the model of your Ranger.

What do you need to remove a Ford Ranger mirror?

Replacing a Ranger's mirror involves using many tools and a little bit of know-how, but generally isn't too difficult. This is true as long as you keep removed parts organized, since the entire driver or passenger door needs to come apart. First, you'll need to collect several tools:

  • A flat-tip screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver
  • 6mm and 11mm sockets with a ratchet
  • 8mm wrench
How do you remove a Ford Ranger mirror?
  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal and open the car door on the same side as the mirror you're replacing. Remove the two screws located underneath the handle on the door panel of your Ford.
  2. Pull on the door panel, which is the portion with the handle, to remove it. It's held in by plastic snap connections. Once that panel is off, you'll have to remove the switches and connections for the windows and locks. This is so you can take that portion of the panel completely out of your Ford Ranger.
  3. Remove the rest of the screws from the door panel and pull the panel off. Then, remove the shield that's underneath.
  4. If you're installing a power mirror for your Ford Ranger, you're going to need to take the speaker off to access the power connections. You'll need a 6-millimeter socket for that. If it's a manual , just find the bolts that hold the mirror on; they're in a triangle formation. You'll need an 11mm socket to remove them.
  5. Now, install the new mirror for your Ford truck, reconnecting the bolts in the same places. Connect the wiring harness in the proper spot near the speaker if you have a power mirror.
  6. Finally, put everything back together in its proper spot - the shield, both panels, and all the wiring connections for your Ford Ranger. This is why it is important to keep all screws, panels and electrical switches organized.
What years are Ford Ranger parts interchangeable?

Because Ranger trucks from the 80s, 90s and even the 2000s remained largely unchanged in terms of model design, many Ford parts are interchangeable for these vehicles. This is also because of simple manufacturing processes that Ford has used in the past. Body mounts, in particular, are in the same places for all Ford Rangers from the 80s up to 2010.

What types of Ford Ranger mirrors are available?

In general, they will be either manual , adjustable by hand, or power, which operates with controls inside the vehicle. Power mirrors require you to connect a wiring harness inside the panel when you install the new unit. Make sure the type of mirror you buy matches the year of your Ford Ranger.