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Ford Fusion Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

The exterior mirrors on your Ford Fusion allow you to monitor your surroundings so you can navigate the road safely. To find a replacement, you need to know your vehicle’s current mirror assembly. With a wide selection of Ford Fusion car and truck exterior mirrors, you can find the exact replacements that you need for your specific Fusion.

What are the features of Fusion exterior mirrors?

The exterior mirrors that you select must be engineered to work with the circuitry in your Ford truck or car. It is wise to check the mirror assembly before selecting a replacement. Following is a list of features you will find on Ford Fusion units:

  • Heated Glass: Integrated heater elements remove fog when you activate the defrost option on your car or truck. You will recognize this piece by its pin-striped grid.
  • Dimming: Units with this feature use sensors to reduce glare. You can tell you have this feature by the contrast along the mirror’s edge.
  • Memory: This function operates on a module known as LIN, which allows you to touch a button to move the mirror to a pre-set position. You will find this module located next to the mirror’s motor.
  • Puddle Lamp: As the name suggests, puddle lamps illuminate the ground with a soft glow, allowing you to spot a puddle before you step in it. They may also serve as turn signals on your vehicle.
What types of towing mirrors are there for the Fusion?

When you need to keep an eye on what you are towing behind your vehicle, towing mirrors extend your range of vision. There are two general types of exterior towing mirrors.

  • Vehicle-specific towing mirrors: Tow mirrors designed for specifically for the Ford Fusion will mount to the driver or passenger side mirror with clips or straps.
  • Universal fit towing mirrors: CIPA offers temporary towing mirrors with a universal mounting system. The towing mirrors operate manually and may require modifications to mount onto your car. Also, CIPA makes slip-on towing mirrors for some Ford models. Check the specifications to make sure the mirrors will fit your Fusion model.
How do you replace Ford Fusion mirrors?

Before replacing the mirrors, you need to gather the necessary tools to complete the replacement, according to the vehicle manual.

  1. Use the star head screwdriver to remove the door panel. Pull the screw cover away from the door handle and remove the screw.
  2. With the ratchet, extension, and 9/32-inch adapter remove the interior door handle screw. Then, take out the cover.
  3. Push down the tab and pull the wires to disconnect. Next, remove the interior door handle; disengage the wires from the window control system, repeating the push-pull method.
  4. Pry the door panel with the upholstery tool, remove, and put aside. Next, lift the window speaker and separate the wires. Remove the bolts with the 7/16-inch adapter.
  5. Take out the side mirror and install the new mirror. Return the bolts back to their positions. Reverse the process and put the speaker and door panel back into place.