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Ford F-350 Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

One of the features of a large truck like the Ford F-350 Super Duty is that it has a high pulling capacity. Since exterior mirrors are on the outside of the vehicle, they are at risk of being damaged and may need to be replaced at some point. With a wide selection of Ford F-350 car and truck exterior mirrors to choose from, you can find the replacements that you need.

What makes the F-350 mirror ideal for pulling larger items?

Every mirror has a blind spot, and when you’re pulling a larger item like a fifth-wheel hitch, the size of the blind spot is increased greatly. A towing mirror like the one featured on the F-350 truck has the ability to telescope outwards so that the mirror can extend past the body of the item that you are pulling. This provides a much safer experience for the driver.

In addition to this feature, usually these mirrors have a dual surface setup. This means that there is a larger mirror at the top and a smaller mirror at the bottom. Both of these mirrors are adjustable so that you can use them to have a wider field of view to accommodate for the size of trailer.

What else can be expected from a Super Duty mirror?

These mirrors tend to have a lot of utility because they can feature several key features that’ll make your driving more convenient. Some useful features include the following:

  • Internal heating: These vehicles are hardy enough to take on most terrains and many types of weather situations, but when it’s particularly cold or snowing, your exterior mirrors can occasionally accumulate frost, ice, and fog. Internal heating will quickly heat the glass surface of your F-350 mirrors so that you can have an unobstructed view behind your Ford vehicle.
  • Signaling lights: Since these Super Duty vehicles are very large, it’s useful to have onboard signaling lights. These lights are affixed to the bottom of your F-350 mirror and work so that they will flash on the side that you are signaling. These work well to alert drivers along your side of your intention to change lanes or turn.
  • Powered functionality: This is a feature that can save you the effort of having to manually adjust mirror components on your Ford pickup during heavy snow or rain. Ford F-350 trucks that have this feature will allow you to use an installed switch inside the crew cab to change the mirror positioning, adjust the level of extension on the mirror itself, or even fold the mirror inwards during parking.