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Ford F-150 Car & Truck Exterior Mirrors

With a truly powerful engine, an effortless drive, smooth wheels, and elaborate trims like the Lariat and XLT, the F-150 pickup is a marvel of engineering. Like bumpers, side view mirrors on your Ford F150 can experience significant issues. Whatever the reason you need to replace your exterior mirrors on your Ford F-150, finding the right parts is easy once you know the different types of glass you can use and the types of assemblies needed for correct mirror functioning.

Should you replace the entire mirror or just the glass?

Whether you can replace the glass or need the entire assembly for your F-150 pickup depends on the extent of the issues with your car or truck mirror. If the glass is cracked but the housing or assembly is still secure, you can replace only the glass.

What type of mirror should you get?

First, you need to know the model year and trim level of your Ford F-150. With that, you can find the exact part that you need for your Raptor, XLT, or other model. You should also know if you have an auto-dimming or heated mirror.

Car and truck exterior mirrors come in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials, ensuring you can get the look you want. You'll want both mirrors to match, so you may need to order both a driver and passenger side mirror. They can also come in an oblong or rectangular shape. You can also choose from smooth or textured plastic, painted, or chrome plated mirrors.

What type of assembly do you need for power mirrors?

If your power mirror has memory settings, you'll need a special type of assembly in order for it to work properly. It will need a LIN bus control module. The LIN bus module is mounted next to the motor inside of the mirror assembly. It is a communications technology that tells your mirror what to do when you hit the memory button. Knowing the VIN number of your vehicle can also help you locate the right components if you have a folding mirror. You should also be familiar with how the mirror folds, so you can order the parts and assembly with the right specifications.

Can you get mirrors that give more visual range?

That engine was made for more than just driving around town, so if you use your Ford F-150 vehicle to pull a trailer, you might want to upgrade to towing mirrors. The assembly of a towing mirror is specially made to extend further away from your truck. It is equipped with an upper and lower mirror that gives you maximum visibility of the road and adjacent lanes and your trailer.