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Ford Expedition Car Truck Exterior Mirrors

When you need true ruggedness in your automobile, the Expedition is an option that you may want to drive. The Ford Expedition SUV has plenty of power and has a surprising amount of aesthetic features like chrome accents and trim packages that provide a feeling of quality similar to that of a Ford truck. One of the feature-rich components of the Expedition is the exterior mirrors: these components provide quite a few functions for owners of this SUV model.

What’s the purpose of the lights on the mirror body?

When you look at some versions of the Ford OEM and aftermarket Expedition’s mirrors, you may notice that there are lights on the back end of the mirror assembly. These lights are wired directly into the signaling system of your Ford. This way, when you signal a turn or a lane change, not only will your front and rear signals flash, but the signaling lamps in the body of your Ford Expedition exterior mirrors will flash as well so that those that driver beside you can see that you are making an adjustment.

What is the light at the mirror’s base for?

This light at the base of your Ford’s exterior mirror is called a puddle lamp, and its functionality provides a bit of convenience for those that live in rainy climates. When you’re parking at night and it’s wet outside, you can activate the puddle lamp on your Ford. This lamp will shine a beam of light from the bottom of the mirror to the ground, which will illuminate any hard-to-see puddles that you would inadvertently step into when getting out of the Ford Expedition.

How does exterior mirror heating work for your Ford vehicle?

One of the chief design philosophies for the Expedition line of cars from Ford is the vehicle’s ability to cope with different conditions. With this in mind, Ford included heating elements in the design of the Ford Expedition so that you can heat up the mirror surface when ice and fog start to form on the body. This is very convenient when the weather starts to turn colder because you can simply activate the rear defrosters and the defrosters in the mirror will be set to come on in your Ford as well.

Does the Ford Expedition have powered mirrors?

This Ford vehicle has the ability to control the positioning of the mirror just by using a control pad that’s positioned on the door of the Expedition. The pad has a four-direction system of control and lets you change the Expedition mirror’s placement without having to use your bare hands in colder conditions. The mirrors themselves can be purchased as replacement parts.