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Dodge Ram 3500 Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

Exterior mirrors help you safely maneuver through traffic and examine your surroundings. If you are looking for replacement Dodge Ram 3500 car and truck exterior mirrors, it helps to know what to search for to ensure a proper fit.

Are Dodge replacement mirrors compatible with your current system?

Before selecting a suitable replacement for your Laramie or SLT Dodge, you need to know your mirror’s current features. This way, you can be sure it works with the truck’s existing circuitry. Check for dimming and heat features, as well as blind spot attachments and lights. Use the information below as a guide when inspecting the mirrors on your Dodge Ram.

  • Heat operation: You can tell if you have a heated mirror by looking inside the mirror’s housing for a pinstriped grid. This function melts away ice when the control is switched to the on position.
  • Dimming function: Look around the mirror’s edge to see if the color of the actual mirror is peeking out. Dimming mirrors have an electrolytic film that works with the mirror’s sensors to minimize glare. If you look closely, you can see the contrast between the treated glass and untreated glass.
  • Memory: If your vehicle has a function to set the mirror to a predetermined position, you will find it positioned adjacent the mirror’s motor.
  • Mirror light: This part is easy to identify because it is located on the mirror’s casing. The light may function as a turn signal and as a lamp to light the ground when the door is open.
  • Spotter mirrors: Some truck mirrors are equipped with a smaller mirror attached to the driver and passenger side mirrors. They allow you to see areas in your blind spot.
What are Dodge Ram towing mirrors?

Dodge Ram towing mirrors extend your line of sight, allowing you to keep an eye on the trailer you may be towing behind your Dodge Ram 3500. The increased visibility allows you to change lanes, pass, back up, and park safely. They may have the same features as standard mirrors, including heated and dimming functions. Options include telescopic, as well as manual and electric.

  • Telescopic towing mirrors: These towing mirrors feature an expandable arm that, when pulled away from the truck, can extend your line of sight up to four inches. Usually, they fold against the truck to fit into tight spaces.
  • Flip towing mirrors: Flip towing mirrors allow you to adjust the mirror vertically or horizontally.
  • Manual towing mirrors: The towing mirrors adjust via hand operation.
  • Electric towing mirrors: These towing mirrors work with your truck’s factory connections to operate the mirror, heat, dimming, and light functions.
What’s the difference between Dodge universal fit and vehicle-specific mirrors?

While searching for standard and towing mirrors for your Ram 3500, you may notice mirrors marked vehicle-specific or universal fit. Vehicle-specific mirrors have the same mounting points as the stock mirror. Mirrors marked universal fit may require a few adjustments to fit your truck.

  • Always check the year and model recommendations. The mounting points on towing mirrors for a 2001 crew cab may differ from a 2017 mega cab.
  • Be sure the mirror has all the functions you desire for your Ram 3500 pickup, such as built-in lights and heating functions.