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Dodge Journey Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

Dodge released the Journey in 2009 as a way to compete with other crossover SUVs and trucks. This crossover has more interior space than a truck but handles like a smaller vehicle. Whether towing or just driving around town, you may need to replace your towing mirrors or other types of mirrors occasionally.

Are all mirrors compatible with the Dodge Journey?

Dodge Journey car and truck exterior mirrors refer to any of the mirrors used on the outside of your vehicle. Dodge gives you two standard mirrors when you buy this model new. Though you might think that all mirrors are compatible, this is not true. You cannot use one designed for the passenger side on the driver side and vice versa. Each side has a slightly different look and design that will only work on that side. Most are adjustable and correspond to a button, switch, or knob inside the vehicle. A knob lets you manually adjust the view of that mirror. Switches and buttons are electronic and change your view in seconds. Keep these options in mind when choosing a replacement mirror.

What are towing mirrors?

Towing mirrors are a type of mirror designed for those who use trucks to tow other objects. CIPA custom are just one example of these mirrors. You can use these products as full replacements for your existing mirrors or along with those mirrors. Using one or more towing mirrors allows you to keep a clear eye on your cargo and any obstacles behind your Journey. Some examples of towing mirrors other than CIPA designs include:

  • Telescoping mirrors: Telescoping models sit flat with the side of your Journey but extend out when needed. This gives you the option of using one as a standard mirror and when towing. You can extend the mirror out to see everything behind you.
  • Convex mirrors: Convex mirrors are another type of towing mirror. The convex glass on this tow mirror enlarges the area around and behind you to help you see things that are farther away.
What is a heated mirror?

Heated mirrors for the Journey are a good option for those looking at towing mirrors. Though some models come standard with heated glass, others require that you install that glass yourself. Heated mirrors have a type of small motor inside. When turned on, this motor heats up quickly and increases the temperature of the mirror. That heat causes ice stuck on the glass to melt away. These mirrors also work well in sleet and with snow. Using one while towing lets you remove any ice or snow from the mirrors that might prevent you from seeing your haul or behind it.

Are OEM and aftermarket mirrors the same?

OEM and aftermarket mirrors are fairly similar but are not exactly the same. Only Dodge can make OEM (original equipment manufacturer) side view mirrors for the Journey because it makes that SUV. Aftermarket mirrors come from other companies, such as Mopar and OE+, and some side view mirrors lack any branding. These may have different features than the OEM mirrors. Towing mirrors for the Dodge Journey are generally aftermarket parts.