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Dodge Dart Car or Truck Exterior Mirrors

Dodge Darts are compact sedan models that have a lot of speed. As a result of exterior damage or age, Dodge Dart owners may find that they need to replace the components of their exterior mirrors. When this happens, you have a lot of options from both OEM and aftermarket brands.

What are some features on the Dodge Dart mirrors?

The Dodge Dart car or truck exterior mirrors have more than a few useful features that can enhance the driving experience of this vehicle. Here are some of the features available when you are doing an exterior mirror replacement on your car or truck:

  • Heating: This is a useful feature for anyone who has to travel during the winter months. When it’s cold outside, you can activate your rear defrosters in order to clear frost, snow, and ice from the rear window of your vehicle. When you turn on the defroster, the coils inside of the exterior mirror assembly will also start to heat so that these obscuring elements will melt away from the reflective glass as well.
  • Signaling: While this feature doesn’t come standard, you can find aftermarket exterior mirror units that will display the signaling on the bottom of the mirror itself. When you signal, not only will the lights flash on the front and rear of your vehicle, but they will also flash at the mirror level as well, making it easier for other drivers to see that you’re intending to turn.
  • Blind Spot Alert Systems: Most vehicles have a hard-to-see area in the side view. Fortunately, the Dart has a blind spot alert system that uses sensors to detect when there is a vehicle in this hard-to-see area. When this system is activated, an LED inside of the surface will light up and alert you so that you can be safer.
How do you install new glass on Dodge’s exterior mirrors?

You’ll need to replace the glass surface of your Dodge side view mirror if it gets damaged. When this happens, replacing the Dodge Dart car or truck exterior mirrors is fairly straightforward:

  1. Find a pry tool or a flathead screwdriver.
  2. Use the controls or your hands to adjust the glass surface so that the outer edge is extended outwards. This will leave a gap on the leading edge for your pry tool or screwdriver.
  3. Use the pry tool or your hands to pry loose the mirror glass. Make sure that you don’t yank too hard because this component is wired.
  4. Detach the wire that connects to this side view mirror component. This wire provides power to the mirror so that you can use the heating parts and the detection system.
  5. Reattach the replacement glass and clip the panel back into place.